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Digital Presentation

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Roos Otten

on 10 April 2018

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Transcript of Digital Presentation

August 24, 1977 (40 years)

Indiana, United States

American nationality

Fiction, Romance, Bildungsroman
Paper Towns

The Fault in Our Stars

Looking for Alaska

An Abundance for Katherines

Turtles All the Way Down
Choose one out of the three activities:

1. Write a poem about one of the following themes: love, being ill or adventures.
(Think about what we did during the lesson about poetry, what type of poem did you make? Use that information for this assignment.)

2. Write a different ending for the book (use around 300 words)!

3. Empathize yourself into a character mentioned in the book and describe how it would be if you were standing in their shoes.
Any quesions and/or feedback

Like or dislike - why?
The Fault in Our Stars
Roos Otten, LEN2c
Digital Presentation: Fault in Our Stars - John Green
What is it about?

How does it make you

Can you relate to the
characters in the story?

Would you recommend
it to others?
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