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New Product Development Process- BMW i8

Executive summary of report

Nada Lakova

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of New Product Development Process- BMW i8

is brand new revolutionary product of BMW because it consumes only electricity without loosing any of the features of quality standard BMW cars.
Customers are afraid that BMW i8 has enormous electricity consumption
BMW should build strategic business alliances who manufacture solar or photovoltaic panels in order to build small domestic self-sufficient power plants to produce energy for BMW i8 consumption.
framework for BMW i8
BMW i8
New Product Development

Nada Lakova
New Product Development
BMW i8
The aim of this report is to create
new product development
framework for
is a German car manufacturer producing high quality, luxury, safety, comfortable & stylish vehicles
1. Generating ideas
2. Research & Technology development
3. PST - prototyping, screening, testing
4. Refinement & Development
5. Introduction to market
BMW i8
BMW generates internal and outsources external ideas and chooses the best ones according to organizational mission, vision, objectives & overall strategy
BMW as its own research centres or outsources research and new technology innovations from institutions for BMW i8. The design of the car is also made during this phase.
This phase serves for prototyping BMW i8, making full screen tests & testing in terms of consumption, safety, & behavior. If everything is successful, it comes to budgeting & planning of manufacture.
Fixing gaps revealed during testing, making final improvements, alpha & beta testing- testing by employees & customers
Strategic & promotional planning, training of employees to present BMW i8 to customers, introduction to the market at exhibitions, showrooms & individual customers
Wish to have one?
Nada Lakova
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