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OTLE Assessment Tools

No description

Online Minion

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of OTLE Assessment Tools

Quizzes can be use to capture students results and give a grade.
Benefits of a Quiz:
► Can be auto graded so student see their results straight away. Each question is given a points value and answers are given a weighting.

► The number of attempts can be set from 1 to unlimited so students can revise and do the quiz again. Answers to each attempt are captured to show progress.

► Can choose to display answers at the end of the quiz or keep them hidden to allow for more attempts.

► Allows for hints along the way. Feedback can be predetermined and shown at the end of the quiz or teachers can feedback afterwards on individual questions and/or the quiz as a whole.

► Results are graphed in OTLE. You can see results for individual students or all submissions to that quiz as a whole.

► Can use a variety of question types within a quiz.
Surveys can be used when you want similar outcomes to a quiz but without the grade.

Could be a great tool for student self assessment.
Benefits of a Survey:
► Results are captured but not graded so can be used to assess a student's understanding without the need for a right or wrong answer. Note that once a student submits a survey they can no longer see their answers, just the teachers can.

► Like a quiz the results are graphed in OTLE. You can see results for individual students or all submissions to that survey as a whole.

► Surveys allow for hints and predetermined feedback along the way.
Please note
that unlike a quiz teachers can not feedback individually to a survey submission - if you want to be able to give feedback you need to use a quiz.

► Surveys could be used during a module to ensure the students has a level of understanding or at the end as a self review exercise.

► Can use a variety of question types within a survey including
likert questions
►► Surveys ◄◄
►► Self Assessment ◄◄
Self Assessment can be used to allow the student to check their understanding without the results being captured.
► Self Assessments are not graded and results are not captured in OTLE.

► Hints and feedback can be added when creating the self assessment and students will see this instantly.

► Could be used during or at the end of a module as a way for the student to see instantly if they understand concepts etc.

► Teachers will see that the student has done the self assessment but their answers are not captured and there are no statistics to report.
Benefits of Self Assessment:
Quiz Question Types
Survey Question Types
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