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The Lottery By: Shirley Jackson

No description

Victoria Poyer

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of The Lottery By: Shirley Jackson

The villagers used tradition to ignore the fact that they were killing their own people.
The Lottery By: Shirley Jackson
Tradition can be a scapegoat for ignorance.
Protagonist/ Antagonist

Protagonist- the villagers
(they are queit and nervous)
, Tessie Hutchinson

(scared, worried)
Antagonist- the villagers,the lottery
,their mindset
Narrator is unknown and is speaking from a 3rd person omniscient point of view
Expostion- Everyone is gathering for the lottery
Rising Action- people pull the tickets out of the black box. The Hutchinsons have pulled the piece of paper with a black dot. The family then have to pick among themselves.
Climax- Tessie opens the piece of paper, there is a black dot
Falling Action- She yells that it is not fair, the villagers surround her with stones in hand
Resolution- The villagers throw the stones at her.

Setting: 1948, Small American town, June 27
Tone: at first it’s neutral / towards the end it is impatient

Conflict: both
-> External
villagers v.s. scapegoat
-> Internal
Villagers v.s. not wanting to die
Tessie says: “you wouldn’t want me to leave the dishes on the sink” ***Ironic as well***

“The children are gathering rocks”

black box- tradition
setting- any place could be bad, even a small country town

Allegory: WWII
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