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Unit 12 Public Health - the origins of public health

No description

Jessica Hughes

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Unit 12 Public Health - the origins of public health

Unit 12 Public Health
Jess Hughes P2 The origins of public health Pre-industrial society
Cholera Key terms This refers to a
before the
revolution. This refers to a period of time
where major changes occured
within society in manufacturing,
mining, transportation and
technology. This refers to the physical growth
of urban areas. It also marks
the movement of people from
rural to urban areas as a result
of population growth. This is the study
of epidemics
(disease outbreaks). This is a
disease. Learning Taboo By the end of this session all of you will be able to:
define key terms
identify the different eras of public health
describe one of the eras of public health Game is played in two teams (A & B)

Each team member must be sitting
next to someone from the opposite

Each team takes it in turn to try and
explain the word on the left of the
card, without saying any of the words
on the right.

One player at a time will do this while
their opposing team players check
that they are not saying the words on
the right of the card.

The team who guess the most amount of words
correctly is the winner!
The nineteenth century The first national public health act 1848

Edwin Chadwick

Campaigned to improve working conditions, housing and sanitation

Report inquiring sanitary conditions of labouring population make links betweenenvironmental factors, poverty and ill health.

Recognised need for a single local authority to administer sanitary matters

Six years later, the national Public Health Act was passed (first board of health established) John Snow and the Broad Street Pump 1854 John snow observed spread of cholera in London

Found links between the disease and people who drank water from a pump taking it's supplies from sewage contaminated river thames.

John Snow removed the handel from the pump to stop the outbreak of Cholera in Soho, London. P2 Describe the origins of Public Health Choose a piece of paper to indicate which era you are going to present.

Upload your presentations to the forum on FERN to be shared with your group. Over to you... The twentieth century - the National Health Service 1948 Complete the gap fill in your workbooks.

Number the description to
match the era of public
health in your workbooks.

Feedback your answers using the drag and drop activity on the SMART board. Learning point two -
identify different eras of public health
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