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Introduction to Case Studies

Year 12 Case Study

Mrs J Cooper

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Case Studies

MEST 1 -
Section B
Case Study 1. Pick a band/artist of your choice
2. Research several examples that you will analyse from the three media platforms
3. Apply the key concepts, context and processes to these examples
4. Practise applying your case study to example exam questions Genre? How would you class this genre? Why? Music Industry
Producers and audiences
Media Processes
Issues and Debates
Relevant key concepts The Exam Your Case Study In Class Section A (48 marks)
-Unseen stimulus
-4 compulsory questions
-Analyse key concepts and contexts

Section B (32 marks)
-choice of 2 questions
-key concepts, contexts, processes

2 hours in total Section B Case Study Your case study must explore/analyse the three media platforms:

Moving Image (Broadcasting)
Web (E-Media) Cross-Media Print Moving Image E-Media Magazine ads
Newspaper articles Music videos
Interviews Facebook pages
Twitter feeds
Podcasts Must also consider production processes and media contexts Example MEST 1 Case Study Questions: ‘Audiences are no longer just consumers of media texts but producers too.’
To what extent is this true of the media products in your case study?

In your answer you should:
●-provide a brief outline of your case study
●-evaluate how far audiences participate in and contribute to the media products in your case study
●-support your answer with reference to a range of examples from three media platforms. Music Genres Any Questions? Music Genres How many genres can you list? Name that genre... What are the codes and conventions of the following genres? Codes and Conventions? REPRESENTATION
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