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Support Chardon Schools

Why our community should approve Chardon Schools' ballot issue on November 6, 2012.

Jamie Ward

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Support Chardon Schools

Chardon students
need our support on
November 6. Schools are funded primarily by local dollars. So, as operating costs rise ... Levy funding is fixed at the amount raised in year one. And as time passes, Ohio continues to require schools to provide more — without providing more money. HERE'S WHY School meal nutrition
Disability services
Online state testing by 2014
New Common Core standards ... which means
our students'
education will be hurt by cuts required
to fill that gap. TO FILL THE GAP Chardon Schools has made $6.5 million in reductions and cost containment since 2006, including: More savings have come from... Music, art, physical education and library reduced to the min. 30 minutes per day for elementary students, down from as much as 45 Business technology classes eliminated Due to lack of
electives, many middle and high school students now sit in overcrowded study halls to fill their time. Less staffing = fewer classes
Losses last year alone: Two HS business education teachers
One HS intervention specialist
One HS math teacher
One HS physical education teacher
One MS literacy coach
One MS family consumer studies teacher
Half a MS foreign language position Families pay more for student activity fees and cope with transportation cuts Supply/material expenses cut by 18% and frozen in December 2011 , with our help,
Chardon students
can regain some of
what they've lost THIS LEVY 5.95-mill additional continuous levy Collection would begin January 2013 Issue 21 on the November 6 ballot Cost is $15 per month per $100,000 home valuation If the levy passes, local dollars would: Provide more education in the fine arts for all students in all schools Provide more technology instruction for all students in all schools Restore business, technology and art education programs at the high school These funds also support day-to-day operations: supplies, textbooks, transportation costs, personnel, maintenance, etc. Compared to other districts... IF IT FAILS Student activity fees go from $50 to $100 (2012: half of Chardon students grades 6 through 12 participated in some form of athletics) Cuts remain, plus more cuts in 2013-14 If the district fails to balance the budget, state takeover will result in loss of local control Chardon's millage is below average for this area. Chardon's per-pupil cost is below the state
average and many neighboring districts'. Also, it sends a message: Chardon starts with Schools. CHARDON IS SPECIAL Excellent rating since 1999 Student athletes have the highest scores on the Ohio Graduation Test in the entire Premier Athletic Conference (PAC) Envirothon team took 1st place in state competition this June, and finished 4th of 54 states and provinces in the North America challenge Our students make great community members Chardon students
are the future
leaders, small business owners, teachers, doctors, employees and caregivers of our community. Our students are worth it. levy revenue stays the same. See the gap? Gasoline
2006: $2.48
Today: $3.79 Milk gallon
2006: $1.99
Today: $3.70 Without new funding,
in 2012-13
Chardon Schools
forecasts a
$700,000 deficit ... This gives students less of the fine arts instruction our community values. Chardon Schools initiated an energy conservation plan in 2008-09 that has reduced electric utility costs by 27% annually. This has saved the district $890,000 over the past seven years. Chardon teachers will pay 15% of their health care costs starting in 2013 — double the Northeast Ohio teacher average of 7.8%. Don't let Chardon Schools fail our
students. , state funding has decreased since 2006 — a trend that will continue in 2013, 2014... (2012: baseball team made it to regional finals) Chardon's average teacher salary is in line with
or below that of neighboring districts'. Property
Taxes Plus Among these unfunded mandates: Yet and
MOVE AHEAD. ($1.8 million, then $3.7 million annually 2014, etc.) Provide more electives for middle school students Our students are a priority. An early retirement program for teachers has saved $1.7 million over the past eight years. Ninety percent of district repairs and new projects are done in-house. Example: The district saved $200,000 by replacing the high school boilers itself. And... Fewer guidance counselors Less support staff Less transportation Less foreign language Larger class sizes Fewer electives Fewer custodial services Less community use of facilities Pay to participate fees go from $225 to $450 Chardon ACT results are high, with an average overall composite score of 24.3 (state average: 21.8)
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