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Life in the Amazonian Lands & the Ethiopian Highlands

No description

military brat

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Life in the Amazonian Lands & the Ethiopian Highlands


This Prezi is dedicated to 6B
Lists of Foods They Ate
Sweet Potatoes
Chile Peppers
Lima Beans
Pictures of the Foods in the Amazonian Lowlands
Under this text, you are going to see some foods that they ate. P.S. try not to drool because of the food.
mltrybrt4515 Home Page
Recipes the probably made
They made different kinds of recipes all the time. Anything they didnt know how to cook, they would work together and find a way how to cook it their own way. Since we dont have room to put our recipes on, we are going to do it on another slide.
Life in the Amazonian Lowlands
By:Nakori Snell

Kayleigh Veith
In the Amazonian Lowlands, there were not many kinds of food the people could eat there. Many people had to find food on their own because there wasnt much food that they could eat because they dont have the food like we have right now in the Groccery Store. Actually, what they mainly ate was cocoa, sometimes they even made their own chocolate candies.
Food Types in Amazonian Lowlands
Now we are going to show you a list of foods they ate in the Amazonian Lowlands.
Sorry wrong one keep going.Your almost there.
I hope you enjoyed that yummy list of foods they ate. Now we're going to be talking about some recipes that they probably made with these foods.
Whoops sorry wrong one.
Hang on. I was chatting with my grandma, and watching her panic about the AC

Finally we made it

On the next slide you will see where we are. Well, our office.
This is where we are right now. (Amazonian Lowlands)
Nakori in case you wnt to change the title here is the rest
& in the Ethiopian Highlands.
This is where part 2 is. (New Guinea Highlands)
Dear 6B,
Sorry that we didnt do the Eathiopian
Lands too. We didn't do it, because
it would take too long, and it wouldn't
be fair to you guys. Also we are sorry
this is late. We had a little issue.Any-
way, thanks for listening. I'm Nakori
and I'm Kayleigh, and............................ HAPPY

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