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Les Regions de la France-Project Francais III

No description

Madame Armijo

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Les Regions de la France-Project Francais III

Les Regions de la France-Project Francais III
You will need the following for you projects
1. The capital of your region
2. Main cities
3. Tourist attractions
4. What is the region known for? Famous for?
5. What historic signifigance does this region have? Ex D Day, Merlin the Magician etc...
Your group will need to bring a recipe/food from the region you are presenting
Your presentation needs to be en Francais and it needs to include and explanation of what you made and why it is famous to that region.
Your projects will be due le 4 mars 2014
This is the Tuesday after ICAT, we will not have any more class time at this point, you need to present on this day
ChooseYour Region
You will create a presentation about a French Region

You need to bring enough for the whole class to TASTE, not an entire meal...Champagne/alcohol is not allowed
You must include a source slide, you need to have ALL sources listed
*2 internet sources
*3 Library sources
*all pictures must have their source as a caption
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