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Taylor Kidner

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Misconceptions

Evolutionary Misconceptions
Living Systems are Irreducibly Complex Taylor Kidner What does the theory of Evolution actually say about the topic you are researching? Where's the evidence? Why is this a misconception about the theory of evolution? This is a misconception because irreducibly complexes basically suggests that complex systems which have many steps and parts could not have been created through long evolutionary processes like natural selection. Thus this theory is supported by the fact that a much larger force is at play, God created these systems. These systems had to have been created all at once because the system would not work if one part was not present or working. It states that this theory could not possibly be true. The theory of evolution states that each system came from one much simpler than before and mutations cause the diversity of each system now. Since irreducibly complexes basically state that all major complicated systems had to be created at once, this already shows there is no evidence to support this theory. However, there is a theory about how certain mutations could cause these irreducibly complexes to appear all at once. Most evolutionists disagree with this theory because they believe that this is what surrendering is. Michael Behe created this theory, stating that there is no way for the system to evolve that slow or else it would not function properly. This theory is called facilitated variation. It merely states that some mutations can cause irreducibly complexes to simply appear. John C. Gerhart and Marc W. Kirschner created this theory after reading about Behe's. Darwin actually stated that if there were evidence proving that some systems did not come from long and numerous mutations, than his theory of evolution would fall apart. Behe brought up his theory of irreducibly complexes stating that Darwin's theory was false. Behe, Michael. "Irreducible Complexity: The Challenge to the Darwinian Evolutionary Explanations of many Biochemical Structures." IDEA. IDEA Center, n.d. Web. 11 Feb 2013. <http://www.ideacenter.org/contentmgr/showdetails.php/id/840>. Works Cited "Irreducible complexity." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, 31 Jan 2013. Web. 11 Feb 2013. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irreducible_complexity>.
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