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Schools Kill Creativity Mind Map

Based on a Ted Talk by Sir Ken Robinson

Lyle Tostenson

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Schools Kill Creativity Mind Map

How Schools Kill Creativity
Lyle Tostenson

Thesis: Current schools are ineffective and do not
cater to each student's individual needs.
Human creativity is astounding and is hampered by schools because
school prioritizes math and science. Literacy is great for expressing ideas, but it is useless without the creativity our schools try incessantly to wipe kids clean of.

Some children's areas of interest may be outside what has been considered normal. Some children may have an
affinity for music, art, dance, or even building robots! Children are
not cookie cutter molded, but are unique individuals, and they
should be taught what they excel at learning.
Failing is an incredibly important
learning experience. Children are unafraid of failing and will take chances where adults may not. Once children are taught that failing is the worst thing that could possibly happen, they stop taking these chances, which harms creativity.
The Future.
No one knows what the future has in
store, but yet we are trying to
educate our society for jobs that
may not even exist. Therefore
education is critical, and it must be changed for the true potential of
human invention to be reached. Our
education system is training students
to become college professors, men
and women who live, "inside their
heads," as opposed to constantly
interacting with society.
People begin to fear being wrong.
We are educating for a future we don't understand. We're making more workers and fewer leaders.
Unique children are all being ineffectively taught the same things the same ways.
RESULT: An unreliable, inefficient, creativity-killing monster of a school system.
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