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No description

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of INtopFORM - USING

Using vs. Abusing
Assembling and synthesizing information to accomplish a purpose
When we USE...
Patients receive evidence-based, individualized care
Medication adherence increases
Value is realized
When we don't...
Life or Death
Less than optimal outcomes
Profession vs. Trade
Social/Behavioral Sciences
Clinical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Dreaded SOAP Note...
USING in the curriculum
SOAP Notes (Care Plans)
Law and Ethics
Social/Behavioral Pharmacy
Clinical Seminar
Social/Behavioral Pharmacy
Often perceived as "fluff"
Patient perception focused
Writing intensive
Little evidence available
Fall 2012 Experience
USE available evidence to develop a practice-based social/behavioral intervention that has the potential to positively impact patient care
Project Titles
"Implementation of Ask-Advise-Refer Directed Smoking Cessation in Community Pharmacy"
"Assessment of Patient Satisfaction in the Community Pharmacy"
"Implementation of Illustrated Medication Guides for Patients with Low Health Literacy"
"Implementation of a Medication Reconciliation Process in a Community Setting"
"Using Text Messaging and Social Media to Improve Adherence"
"The Use of the Hawthorne Effect to Simplify Medication Adherence Tools in the Community Setting"

The Student Perspective
"The assignments were pretty intimidating at first glance, but ended up being very rewarding. By doing assignments 2 and 3, I feel very prepared to do further research in practice and even more importantly propose a plan for dealing with a problem in the pharmacy and in healthcare"
At first I felt a little overwhelmed by all the writing! But now that it's all done, I have to admit - I actually enjoyed it. Assignment 3 in particular I thought was helpful to tie everything together. What I got from doing that assignment was exactly what I expected to get from this class - to look at patient populations and see what can be done in the area of pharmacy to help improve their health"
Incorporating USING - Nick's Key Aspects
USE daily, if possible
Authentic assignments
Set minimum resource requirements purposefully
Purposeful rubrics (required integration)
Tell students the method behind your madness
Clinical Seminar
Capstone in nature
40-minute presentation about a clinical question lacking a straightforward answer
Law & Ethics
Fix the Law Project
Case presentations
Grading writing is tough and time intensive
Hand-holding temptation is always lurking
Course evaluations may dip
Emotion vs. Objectivity
USING skills in one domain may not translate to another domain
Where I'm Heading...
Paired student oral responses to required pre-class reading(s)
Transitioning some writing assignments to group presentations
Requiring a Conclusion section in writing assignments I'm keeping
Stakes beyond grades (eg, Board of Pharmacy)
Curricular Integration
Examining USING Excellence - Nick's Thoughts
USING and EVALUATING may be synonymous if only one piece of information
A lack of COMMUNICATING skills may mask USING excellence
Difficult to assess USING skills without assessor being knowledgeable of content area
Very few students inherently possess USING skills - may be a tendency to assess relative to peers
Excellence requires practice...give them opportunities
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