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Unit 6: Assignment 1

Btec ICT

Carl Valencia

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Unit 6: Assignment 1

Unit 6 Assignment 1
Btec ICT
By Ed Carl Valencia

Firefox Logo
Mozilla Firefox
Type Of Image
Mozilla Firefox
~ Blue
~ Red
~ Yellow
in this presentation I will be disscussing the two pictures in the following slides, explaining the features, qualities, content and audience purpose
'fire' respresents that fire burns quick wich means that it's fast internet
the 'fox' also means that it runs fast so fire+fox means that the internet is faster than ussual.
the globe also means that the search engine is global.
Mozilla firefox
Mozilla Firefox is a vector image. If you view this image on 'fireworks' The logo will appear in three shapes also if you zoom into the image it wont distort however if it was a bitmap image the whole image will distort by a far amount.
These colours
are dynamic and eye catching its also supposedly
bright. The fox itself is the main attraction because its also in the title and on the logo.
File type:
File size:
517 KB
Serena Williams
size: 160KB


vector image.
file type:
macromedia fire works .
as you can see; serena is sponsored by nike.
serena's position is in a way that she already hit the tennis ball where you can tell by the bat and the direction of the ball's dust. you can tell that serena is sponsored by nike by the logo on her shoes. headband and on the bottom right hand corner of the picture.
in serena's picture the creator used a dark and dull background. the purpose for this is too put all the focus on just serena and the nike tick which is in bright white. serena is also centred in the middle of the picture so that the audience could get a good grasp on serena, this makes her stand out from the dull colours.
nike is a comapany that sell products for powerful and energetic people who will not give up on the sport they love to do. serena's sweat is a sign of determination to 'tennis' the sport she loves. this colour is in bright white also to stand out and show how much she loves it.
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