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Los Guachimontones

No description

aldo lamas

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Los Guachimontones

SOCIAL Guachimontones is a ritual site. The villagers lived neer lakes or rives. The taller their base was the more power and influence they had The culture that created this site is known as ¨Tradicion Teuchitlan¨ ¨El juego de pelota¨ The main pyramids were surrounded by smaller¨buildings¨where spectators gathered. This was a sport, were players used a rubber ball to gain points. The leader of the winning team was sacrificed, and became a demigod who was able to live in paradise. RELIGION It´s name Teuchitlan means "place dedicated to the divinity" and was dedicated to the worship of gods. Their circular shaped pyramids serve for rituals of gratitude to their gods. One of their rituals to honor the god of the wind Ehecatl "el volador" which consists of a priest that would climb to the top of the pyramid pole and swing from side to side to simulate a bird about to fly. Another of their rituals worshiped their gods of the four elements: wind, water, earth, and wind with a dance around the pyramid where they hold hands and danced in a circle. This dance could be "danza guerrera"(war dance) where only the men dance or "danza ritual"(ritual dance) where men and women dance. Besides they also did offerings and sacrifices before constructing any building. LOS GUACHIMONTONES GEOGRAPHY Located in Jalisco,(Mexican Occident) People lived in a fertile valley
that was fairly close to Guachimontones. Main reasons for them to live near a river: It is impossible to live without water. Cultivation system called "Chinampas"
(subirrigation) 5 main crops gotten from Chinampas: Abundant facilities for hunting and gathering. Within the place, the "Tequila" volcano is found.
From here they got obsidiana, which was an important resource. The end By:Monique Aguilar, Karina Aguirre, Diana Garcia & Aldo Lamas
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