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The Elevator by William Sleator

No description

Elissa Hammonds

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Elevator by William Sleator

The Elevator by William Sleator
This theme connects with the story because the idea is facing your fears and the story shows how Martin faced his fears and rode the elevator.
The Conflict
The conflict was when the lady kept staring at Martin and it was resolved when she finally talked to him.

The Protagonist was Martin. He was scared of the elevator but he faces his fears and finally rides the elevator.

The Antagonist was the big lady who is constantly staring at Martin on the elevator.
The Theme
The theme was don't be afraid to face your fears.

This story reminds me about the first time I rode the Superman at Six flags.
Rising Action Falling Action
Plot Diagram
The big lady is always in
elevator staring at Martin.
Martin having
to be on the with
the big lady.
When Martin's dad
gets of the elevator on the
ninth floor.
It was resolved when the big lady gets
on the elevator and
finally talks to Martin.
It all starts when Martin's dad decides to move to a new apartment on the seventeenth floor. Martin has this one fear though and it is about the elevator. He starts to take the stairs everyday but his dad calls him timid so he tries out the elevator. His fear of the elevator gets worse. Find out how his fear gets worse.
How this story connects with the idea?
The story
changes when
Martin is force to
ride the elevator.
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