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UNIT 5- C2-C3

No description

doreen clark

on 18 April 2018

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Transcript of UNIT 5- C2-C3

UNIT 5-C3 Child Protection Procedures
Local agencies involved in safeguarding
Can you identify them?
Local agencies involved in safeguarding
Children's Social Care
Health Services
Local Safeguarding Children's Board (LSCB)
Local agencies involved in safeguarding
Child Abuse Investigation Unit ( CAIU)
Work closely with Children's Social Care ( CSC)
Can remove a child from danger, harm, abuse
Gather evidence and investigate when a crime has been committed against a child.
Local agencies involved in safeguarding
Health Services-
Make examinations and report of suspicions or known cases of children who have been abused- reporting to the CSC and in some cases give evidence in court.
Doctors/medical nurses
Health visitors
All medical professionals
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children ( NSPCC)
A charity
Supports and works to protect children from abuse
Has statutory power to take action when children are at risk of abuse
Support services for families and children
Helpline for concerns
Helpline for children
Raises awareness of abuse
Shares expertise with professionals
Support to influence law due to expertise and first hand experience
Doreen Clark
Consider who they are and their aim and purpose in supporting and promoting safeguarding
Children's Social Care ( CSC)-
Safeguarding children/families in need
Works in partnership with parents and other agencies
Social Workers lead on child protection procedures and making assessments
Conduct interviews with parents and children
A LCSB in every area/borough- defined by the Children's Act 2004
LSCB is a body of body of experts in children's services
Statutory duty to oversee how agencies involved in safeguarding children and child protection maintain this.
Create/develop policies and procedures for recruiting staff who work with children
Monitor staff training on child protection and safeguarding.
Undertake, authorise Serious Case Reviews
Child Protection Procedures
Early Assessment -
Child Protection Conference
Child Protection Plan
How agencies work together to safeguard children
The settings safeguarding officer/SENCO must report to the CSC of the local area
Concerns must be in writing within 48 hours- phone calls can be immediate.
Assessment decided within one day by social workers.
Early Assessment- assessment of developmental needs , well being, and/or families ability to meet their child's needs.
Lead professional in place to support communication across of professionals involved and in leading the assessment
Relevant professionals, agencies and family members will contribute to the assessment.
Aim/purpose- To put support in place to reduce risk/harm/abuse.
Child in need assessment -
Statutory intervention
Referred to CSC
Child in Need meeting held to assess level of need.
Relevant professionals, agencies and parents/carers will attend and be involved.
Aim/purpose to put in place a CARE PLAN and or plan to reduce risk/harm/abuse
Core Assessment
When there is sufficient concerns that a child has been harmed or likely to be harmed
Strategy Discussion takes place under section 47 of the Children's Act 1989- (Local authority has a duty of care to investigate when there is a reasonable cause to suspect that a child is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm.)
Aim/purpose- to assess if a Child Protection will need to be held
Led by a manager from CSC or NSPCC
Relevant professionals and agencies attend
Review of child's needs taken into account
Level of risk ascertained
Ascertain and agree action to be taken:
Continued risk- Child Protection Plan put in place
Immediate Risk- an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) in place to remove the child from the risk.
Meeting held of relevant professionals and agencies- led by named lead professional.
Addressing of child's immediate needs
Addressing of child's long term needs
Addressing of measures/support in place to help family members safeguard the child
Be based on information from the core assessment
Identify interventions that are needed to enable the best outcome for the child
Identify all services, agencies, professionals and the parents/carers/family members roles and responsibility within the plan
Review meetings to take place regularly to assess progress
Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015-
How 'collaboration' should be achieved to ensure 'collaborate assessment and planning of the child/families and their needs'.
Local authorities - LSCB, CSC,Police, Health professional, early years professionals etc must work in partnership and coordinate care for children in need.
The death of Victoria Climbie led to The Lord Laming Report (2003) outlining failings about sharing concerns about the welfare of Victoria which ultimately contributed to her death. This led to the change in the Children's Act ( 2004) which makes it a statutory duty for all services, agencies and professionals to work closely together and to share information.( However, this did not help Daniel Pelka, Baby P)
Child Protection Procedure
Early Assessment
Child in Need Assessment
Core Assessment
Child Protection Conference
Child Protection Plan
Local agencies involved in safeguarding
The role of the NSPCC in safeguarding
The requirements of agencies, professionals working together and how they do this
Produce a poster/fact card outlining the aim/purpose/requirements for each of the above points ( make links)
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