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successful entrepreneur

No description

a a

on 3 March 2018

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Transcript of successful entrepreneur

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A boost from the government is helping the culture of
entrepreneurship in Oman grow. Youngsters who have decided to
make it on their own are seeing their ideas translating into profits.
They now say there is no looking back.

One such success story is of Kareem Rashid al Hudaisi, a graduate
from the Higher College of Technology. Hudaisi holds a degree in
information systems, but he knew his true calling was food. A month
ago, Hudaisi launched his traditional Omani halwa brand, Kareem
Sweets, and now supplies to a four star hotel
Hudaisi is currently working to take his business online through which he plans to bag orders from
abroad, and is also experimenting with the different varieties ¨C chocolate, crackers etc - he can offer
to clients

“More than money, you need passion to see things fall into place. I am happy with the start ¨C I did
my research, came up with the theme, brand name, logo. There have been no procedural issues yet; the
government has been very supportive,” Husaidi said.

Hudaisi said, “I graduated with an information systems degree, but I enjoy cooking. I thought Omani
halwa had to be branded to give it an identity for those visiting the country.”
Some 15 years ago, Hudaisi helped his brother sell halwa, an experience that has come in handy. He
worked for two years after graduation to shore up money for his sweets venture.
“In the meantime, I did some research and found out that there was no halwa brand that had been
heard of.”
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