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ECA Boot Camp

No description

Kaitie Webster

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of ECA Boot Camp

Welcome to
Boot Camp Mission: - master concepts for ECA
- improve class cooperation
- have fun Over the next several weeks, you will master the basics of punctuation, grammar, writing, critical reading, and test-taking strategies through a series of physical and mental tests. You will be divided into squadrons of three students. Each squad has been carefully selected to provide the best balance of skills and experiences. Expectations: - BE HERE. Your Squad is depending on you to successfully complete each mission.
- TRY YOUR BEST. Your efforts affect your and your squad.
- LOSE THE COOL CAP. If you're the only one not participating, you're not being cool, you're being stubborn.
- WORK WITH YOUR SQUAD. Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and play nice.
- HAVE FUN. Squad Debrief - What are your strengths in English 10A?
- What are your weaknesses in English 10A?
- What are your personal strengths?
- What are your personal weaknesses?
- How do YOU plan to contribute to your squad? Develop your Squad Flag and Motto On each Boot Camp Day, Squads will work together on a variety of games, quizzes, activities, writing, and tests. Each Squad will compete for Glory
Bragging Rights
Medal of Achievement Squad Selection:
After your name is called, fall out of rank and join your Squad. Your Flag and Motto represent your Squad to the rest of the Regiment.
Represent yourselves with pride and honor.
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