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king Sejong

No description

Suhyun Lee

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of king Sejong

Accomplishments 1435 1420 1425 1430 1440 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Why did I choose him? I'm really proud of him because by making Hangul, he let us to communicate with each other and feel sense of kinship that we are all in one. In addition, not only from the Hangul but also from the inventions that he made for his citizens, we can see his great smartness. Agenda 1) Basic Information of him

2) His Accomplishments

3) His Death

4) The reason why he is important

5) The reason why I chose him

6) Conclusion Basic Information The main purpose of his inventions was focused on his citizens' comfortable daily lives. His Death Diseases(stroke, urinary stone)

Stroke got worse -> Made his son to do the work instead of him from 1445

April 8,1450, He passed away.

He's buried with his wife Queen So-hun. Conclusion We have his day called Hangul day on Oct 9 but nowadays, people think it's just a holiday and don't know about him well. I think we should think about him and be thankful to him. I was happy to study about him again by making this presentation. Sejong the Great Name: Sejong the Great ( Do Lee)

Birthday: May 15,1397

Birthplace: Hansung, Josun (Seoul, Korea)

Family: 3rd son of Queen Wonkyong and King

Taejong, the 3rd king of Josun

Habit: Reading books despite of eye diseases

How did he become a king: When he was twelve,

he became Grand Prince Choong-Nyung.

Eldest Prince Yang-Nyung: he behaved badly on purpose

Second Prince Hyo-Ryung: became a monk a b 1445 1420- established
Hall of Worthies
getting talented
1429- studied
techniques and
made a book
about it 1433- made
Young-Sil Jang to
invent Hon-Chun-Eui
1434- invented
Ja-Kyuk-Lu so that he
standardized the time
of Josun 1441- Let Young-Sil
Jang to make a
rain gauge
1443- made Hangul
(Korean alphabets)
with the scholars 1446- after 3 years
testing Hangul, he
spread it to his
citizens His tomb is
'Young-leung' Why is he important? No Korean language now

we would probably be using Chinese which means we could lose the certainty of our nationality.

People in Josun couldn't understand it though the King said something important on the paper which means there's no communication between them. Bibliography 1) Encyclopedia of World History, Vol II, P362 Sejong, Edited by Marsha E. Ackermann, Michael J. Schroeder, Janice J. Terry, Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur, Mark F. Whitters, ISBN 978-0-8160-6386-4

2)<<책한권으로 읽는 세종대왕실록>>(Learning Sejong Silok in one book) ISBN 10 – 890107754X

3) Kim Jeong Su(1990), <<한글의 역사와 미래>>(History and Future of Hangul) ISBN 10 – 8930107230

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