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53 Degrees North Map and Compass Reading Workshop 2012

An introduction to map and compass skills enabling safer movement and understanding of the hills in Ireland.

ambrose flynn

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of 53 Degrees North Map and Compass Reading Workshop 2012

Magnetic needle
Orienting arrow
mm ruler
Romer 1:50k
Magnifying glass
Degrees from 0 to 360
Orienting lines
Silva Type 4 Compass
Steep ground
Grid numbers
Contour lines
Lines connecting points of equal elevation
1000m x 1000m

1km x 1km
10m elevation difference
Close = steep ground
Grid lines

1cm = 50,000cm
1cm = 500m
2cm = 1km
2mm = 100m
Lines joining areas of equal elevation
Spaced = gentle elevation difference
Grid lines
Each National Grid Square is further divided into 100 boxes of 1km x 1km, as represented on your map by intersecting grid lines.
Running East 0 - 99
Start from sea leval @ zero
Map Features:
How reliable are they?
Map Legend:
Details of features
When map was published
Additional information to assist navigation
Each box is 1km x 1km
Running North 0 - 99
Spot Height

Highest point in a given area
Trig Point

Used for trigonometrical surveying
Grid Reference Number
Map and Compass 1
The true art of navigation is the ability to read, understand and visualise a journey from a map into reality on the ground.
Contour Lines!
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