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L'oreal case study brand management

No description

ceeryn BRomdhane

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of L'oreal case study brand management

Case study:l'Oréal Paris
Presented by :
* Syrine Ben Romdhane
* Kaouther Sliti
1. Build the L’Oreal’s
customer-Based Brand Pyramid
and explain each sub dimension
l'Oréal Brands
Thank you for your attention.
L'Oréal Group is the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company.
It was created , in 1909, by Eugène Schueller, a young French chemist .
The brand got its start in the hair-color business, but the company soon branched out into other cleansing and beauty products.

L'Oréal's famous advertising slogan is
L'Oréal Paris
5 Divisions

Global presence of the brand :
150 countries 23 global brands, worldwide brand identity.
The legendary advertisement campaign:

“because you’re worth it”.
Extraordinary distribution channel.
Diversification into wide range of beauty products :

skin and hair care/hair color/colour cosmetics/frangrances.
Relationship with its customer:
personal beauty advisers at department stores.
Embracing different cultures
(French , American ,Asian and Latin American) example of
Maybelline .
Hitting the right target audience with the right product
Company was brilliant in identifying the needs cultures
and aspirations of different kinds of customers
in diversified regions.

2-What are the key
characteristics making
the strength of the l’Oreal Brand ?
3. How L’Oreal sustains its brand equity?
4- What are the new
challenges facing the
brand management?


1. The Brand Hierarchy

Over the years , l’Oréal is successfully
producing and selling different cosmetic
products , hair care and skincare products
in almost 150 countries of the world.
This has been possible because of the well
established Brand Name and Brand Image of
L’Oréal .
Today , there are strongly established l’Oréal
Paris brands across all of the key areas
of the beauty market.
2. The Brand Portfolio

L’oreal has developed a winning
formula : a growing portfolio of
international brands that has transformed
the French company into the united nations
of beauty.

Consumer Products:

Luxury products:

Active products:

Professional products:
3. Generating a
worldwide Brand Equity :

L’Oréal has carved a niche for itself
with its unique strategies and stands
out from the other cosmetics brands.
It is omnipresent in several media channels which
enables the brand to retain its reigning position
in the market .
The commercial communication is made at a world level :
the group proposes the same products, leans on
the same advertising campaigns, the text is
identical, the slogan is unchanged,
and the ads are only translated
with respect to countries.
4. Deliver what you promise:

L’Oreal promise to offer customers
innovative, high technology beauty products
from global brands at competitive prices.

This is delivered through a global strategy combined
with a local understanding of the needs of women
and men of all ages.

With today's overcrowded marketplace, cash
strapped people are most likely to do business
with someone they trust over someone
they are uncertain about.
To grow and sustain brand equity needs various branding activities
and application of specific tools such as:

Maintain growth even

when global markets

are shaky
Stay ahead as his powerful rivals
seek to play the global
Offer leading-edge products
that outperform the

“Go Native”

“First landing”
Keep a strong control over

its 4Ps
should more actively
participate in fashion events as it will increase
the market presence
of the brand.
focuses on WOM
publicity and it believes
in viral marketing.
It should focus more on
making consumers use
the product for the
first time.
l'Oréal has already
captured most of the
market where they can tap
their target audience (middle
class and educated people)
however they can approach
the corporate offices by
putting up a stall of l'oreal
in the offices of different
should focus more on including natural products
in their product portfolio
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