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The immigrant Iaderosas

No description

AJ Iaderosa

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of The immigrant Iaderosas

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The immigrant Iaderosas
My Family
My last name is Iaderosa and in my family I have my father, Anthony, my mother, Jenny, my sister, Lily, and my other sister, Ella. My fathers parents names are Ginny and Tony, and they are the immigrants in my family.
Travel dates: 1962 and 1969
My home country
My grandmother traveled from Italy
to America in 1962, when she was
just 12 years old. On the other hand,
my grandfather traveled in 1969,
at the age of 19. At the time that my grandmother traveled she was dating my grandfather. So, during the 7 years, they wrote letters to each other, and now they have a suit case full of letters.
Reasons for Immigration
My family immigrated to the U.S. because they needed the opportunity to make money and raise a family and live a better life.
Traveling to the U.S.
My grandmother traveled to the U.S. in 1962, when she was 12, and my grandpa traveled in 1969, as an 18 year old. The conditions of the journey were not very good. You had to be on a boat for 10 straight days (or more)! The boat was always rocking, making it hard to sleep. You also had to deal with tons of strangers right up next to you speaking a foreign language, also eager to get to USA. Ellis Island was complete chaos. There were foreign folks everywhere, trying to communicate with others, although speaking a completely different language which made it very loud. The people who worked at Ellis Island were also very impatient and mean, they didn't really care about you or anything that you were going to do. All they cared about was getting you through.
Arriving to the U.S.
Finally getting to our destination felt absolutely great! Although, great wasn't all that I feeling. I was also very nervous and anxious. My final destination was in Pennsylvania at a friends house from my hometown. For my job, I worked in a factory.
Daily Life
The home I lived in was far from nice, it was very small and we had to fit multiple families into it. The city was small with lots of foreign people, but it was great. School was quite a challenge, considering I didn't speak the language. I had to move back two years in school and I still struggled with the language barrier. My parents worked in a factory, dealing with long hours of hard work, but the pay was worth it.
A whole new world
Everything was far more advanced than back at home, transportation was quicker and easier. There was so much to occupy your self with. Also, life in general in the new place was genuinely fast-paced. And most of all the language of course was the biggest change.
In the city, there were lots of things to do in a short distance, like going to see a film for example. You could say that my family is making a positive contribution to society by working in a factory, doing hard work for low wages because most people won't do that.
Some hardships I faced was definitely
school and speaking a different language but also, as I was getting older, I had to become much more responsible and pay for healthcare and food and my own house. although, it wasn't just me going through all of this, there were also a lot of poor immigrants in my city, facing the same situation I was. Another thing that was always difficult were the native-born Americans, they hated us. They would make fun of us, and didn't have any sympathy.
Daily Life
School was very difficult, this was because I didn't understand the language, so they had to move me 3 grades back, and even then I was still struggling.
Free Time
(Grandma (12 years old)) A lot of my free time was spent writing letters to my friend at home (Grandpa (12 years old)). In my city, the two famous people that I remember were Alexander Calder, he was a sculptor and Bill Cosby, he was an actor
Personal Reflection
I definitely feel like traveling from Italy to America was totally worth it because back then, I had hope to have a happy family with a decent amount of money and live in a great home. I have succeeded
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