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Art:3rd form Banksy and street art

The following is a presentation on street art and Banksy's work and how is affects people

Anna Leakey

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of Art:3rd form Banksy and street art

Whos Banksy? Famous street artist No one knows his identity His work has been seen everywhere Has a certain style What different types of street art are there? Traditional Stencil Mosaic Video projection Yarn bombing What is street art anyways? It is a democratic form of public art With anit-capitalist and rebellious undertones "street artists do not aspire to change he definition of an artwork, but rather to question the existing enviroment with its own language" Unlike pieces of art on a canvas majority of street art can be found on building's, walls etc. Exit through the gift shop This movie stars WHATS IT ABOUT? MBW video tapping some of the best street artists including Banksy What did this movie do to Banksy? People were more aware of him and his talent made him famous people are buying into his products...hes making money How does street art effect people? Brings up controversal topics, people could feel upset, threatened, angry or could even agree Banksy and Street Art Could start a movement supporting a thought or idea Inspires new artists to speak their mind through street art There is a new found appreciation for street art Street art and media Street at now influences millions through media can be heard and seen over the news, and people are aware of its presence media has made some of the best street artists even more famous and has made street art extremely popular How does one do street art? You need ideas, what message or idea do you want to create What type of street art works for you what kind of people are you trying to influence street art is a full time hobby and becomes number one priority must be able to find places that the public will notice your pieces of work And be creative Project Aims
1. To understand why artists create street art
2. To create a unique street art inspired piece
3. To work in a contemporary way
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