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A Street Car Named Desire

No description

Jenn Kerr

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of A Street Car Named Desire

A Street Car Named Desire Themes

The Dominance of Man
Loneliness & The Search For Marriage
Illusion vs. Reality
Blanche was all about illusions. She put up a facade the whole play to look younger, seems more glamorous, and to seem much more emotionally stable than she actually was. By the end of the play Stanley had brought to light the show Blanche was putting on and reveled the real Blanche to everyone.The illusions she created ended up being torn down by reality.

Blanche's reasoning behind her lies was that she thought being seen as glamorous, young and wealthy would get her what she wanted out of life, a man to love her.

Intimacy's Connection To Death
The first clue to the relationship between love and death in the play is hinted in the first scene when Blanche describes how she got to Elysian Fields. She took a street car named "Desire", then another called "Cemeteries".

The theme is restated in scene 9 as Blanche describes that the opposite of death is desire. Desire's meaning in the play was not just a for lust but also for true love.
By Gabi and Jenn
Through out the play the men had a lot of control over the women's emotions and actions.

A good example of male dominance over women and how they acted was Stanley's ability to convince others that Blanche was lying about why she was visiting Stella and Stanley but also that Blanche needed to be put in an asylum.

An example of men controlling women's emotions was what happened between Blanche and Mitch. Blanche was depending on Mitch to fill a void of loneliness in her life. When Mitch ended things with Blanche, it made Blanche depressed and effected her self esteem. During the time she was with Mitch, Blanch had little control, she was blinded by her lust and loneliness.
In a Streetcar Named Desire alcohol is often used as a means of escape.

Blanche drinks to distract herself from reality and retreat further into her fantasy world whereas Stanley and his friends drink for a good time.

Regardless of reason there is a character drinking in almost every scene.
Both Blanch and Mitch are characters longing for a lover to settle down with. They are lonely in their lives and feel like marriage would complete them.

Blanche wanted a man to marry because she was still grieving about her late husband Allen's suicide and she felt as though a husband would fulfill some of her desires. Mitch was looking to get married because his mother was very sick and her dying wish was to see him married.

Both seem bound for relationship failure and continued loneliness, especially Blanche since she will have to spend the rest of her life in a mental hospital.
-We did the themes in the play because it is important to realize the patterns and relationships and where they stem from.
-We made a prezi because we could use a slide for each theme and it is easy to navigate.
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