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Factory workers vs. Slaves

No description

Laurel Ristvey

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Factory workers vs. Slaves

Finally The north factory workers and the slaves in the south were very different. They all relied on each other to keep one anothers others lives going with the demand of the cotton and the clothes and other factory produced items. Both didn't lead very good lives and there wasn't much they could do about it. Describe how slaves who worked in the fields lived from day to day. Factory Workers Vs. Slaves Worked from sunrise to sunset
Worked fields and planted things such as tobacco and cotton
Lived in wooden shacks
Ate just enough to get through the day, not very hardy food or high quality
Every year they got new clothes which consisted of two linen shirts, two trousers, a jacket, one pair of socks and shoes, an overcoat, and a hat.
Harsh punishments were given for breaking any rules
Describe how slaves who lived inside
lived from day today. Cooked, cleaned, and looked over plantation owners children
Fed better than field slaves
Clothed with families used and old clothes that were in suitable condition
Had better hygiene so they would be more presentable
Had a more comfortable lifestyle than the field slaves How did Southerners view the life of a slave?
How did Northerners view the life of a slave? Southerners didn't respect slaves and wanted slavery to go on and not stop, they thought they were good workers and provided labor that got their job done faster as a bonus for plantation owners.
Northerners were mostly abolitionists and aimed to end slavery. Most viewed a gradual end to slavery one step at a time. They thought slavery was morally wrong. but the northerners relied on the cotton for their industries and factories and the south was a good source of cotton so in many ways, they too relied on the slaves. Describe how Northern factory workers
lived from day to day. Long work days, resulting in little energy
The little time they had off was used for sleep
Not much time to socialize or to be with family and friends
People moved from the country to the city to look for jobs and a better life
Work in factories provided little money
Not a clean working environment resulting in sickness and bad health
How did Northerners view the life of a factory worker?
How did Southerners view the life of a factory worker? Most people in the north were factory workers, so they thought it was normal for their society, a more wealthy person would look down on them since most had low incomes.
Southerners relied on the north factories to buy their cotton so they defiantly needed the factory workers, their lives were very different and not easily comparable.
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