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Sochi Winter Olympic 2014

Mrs.Haig 2013-2014

Asma Ahmed

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Sochi Winter Olympic 2014

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014
By : Asma Ahmed
Class :72
Teacher: Mrs Haig

Figure skating
Snowboard Cross
What are the names of 2 sports going to be held in the Olympics?
.Boots custom made
.Stiff leather interiors
.Made with rubber or sponge for flexibility
.Individuals or groups perform
.Olympics discipline: men single, ladies singles, pair skating, ice dancing
.Non discipline: four skating, synchronized skating
.Tes score( jumps,spins,footwork,lifts etc)
.Pcs score/program components score
(skating skills, transitions/linking footwork, performance/ execution choreography/ composition,interpretation

.Idea taken from Surf board
.Ride a large flat ski downhill over snow
.Not require use of poles
.Both feet placed sideways
.Gain popularity in 1960s
Inventor Sherman Poppen
.Four riders race across studded course with: jumps, bumps, huge turns
.First player passing obstacles wins
.Transportation 8.81%
.Restaurants 17.51%
.Other 8.83%
.Sport and leisure 6.58%
.Rent per month 26.40%
.Clothing and shoes 6.58%
.Markets 22.54%
.Utilities(monthly) 5.65%

What are the main features of Sochi?
.Is like a resort (palm trees/evoke tropical seaside
.Lively and modern buildings
.Cheerful and relaxed feeling
.A sleepy seaside village
.Olympic park getting build in sochi

Arianne Jones
.Age: 23
.Born: Sept, 21, 1990
.Height: 163cm
.Birth: Calgary, Alberta
.Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
.Luge player
.Interest in luge when 12
years old
.In world cup since 2010-11
.Record of sixth place in 2011-2012

Kristina Groves
What are the names of 2 Canadian Athletes who are participating? How did they get to Sochi and what is their sport?

. Age 37
.Born:December 4, 1976
.Birth: Ottawa, Ontario
.Sport: Speed Skating
.Education: University of
.12 world cup medals/2008,2009
.3 medals world single/ 2009
-2009 Alberta Female Athlete of the Year
-4X Speed Skating Canada Female Athlete of the Year 2007 – 2010
-5X Ottawa Female Athlete of the Year 2004, 2006 – 2009
-2007 Canadian Spirit of Sport Award

.Sochi Beaches
.Boat tours
.Museums(educational experience)
.Cultural centers, parks-hotel, vershini, nebo etc/ small bed,breakfast
. Downtown sochi( long appealing seaside)
.Two aquariums(zoo, The adler Dolparium
.Sochi National park
.Stalin's old summer home( Legends say that he is still in the halls)

Which places should you visit while in Sochi?
What Culture activities are in Sochi?
Music concerts
Mueseum / storys about Sochi

Sochi Exhibition
Music Concert
The End
Hope you enjoyed the presentation...
Sochi Dolparium
Stalin's old summer home
Sochi Museum
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