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English II Writing EOC Review

No description

Cherie Leavell

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of English II Writing EOC Review

English II Writing EOC Review
15 revision multiple-choice questions

15 editing multiple-choice questions

1 expository essay
1 persuasive essay
What's on the test?
Multiple choice = 48%
Essays = 52%
questions ask about things like word choice, style, sentence variety, and organization of sentences.

questions ask about grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and sentence structure (fragments and run-ons)
Revising and Editing
Don't forget
about me!
You are
an issue, idea, or process to your reader.
You must have a THESIS STATEMENT that clearly states your topic.
You are NOT telling a story or trying to convince the reader to agree with you.
Expository Essay
Persuasive Essay
You must pick one side of the issue.
State your position clearly. Don't ride the fence.
You are trying to
the reader to agree with you.
We will review the revising and editing questions next week. Let's take a closer look at the essays, which count for over half of the whole test.
must have a thesis statement. Its function is to provide the reader with an explicit statement (in a sentence or two) about the goal of the paper.
must explain the topic clearly, using word choice and tone that fit the audience.
must clearly address the prompt.
must have a position statement - in other words, a sentence that tells the writer's side of the question.
must present a clear and convincing argument.
must use appropriate tone and language for the audience.
Don't just start writing. PLAN your essay.
Don't get too wordy.
Replace vague words like things, it, someone, something with specific words.
NEVER use the word "you" in any form in these essays!
No essay should be one long paragraph. Organize your work.
Reread your essay from start to finish before submitting. Nobody's prefect! (see what I did there?)
It's all about the prompt!
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