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Abbie Moothat

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Font

Rules for Layout
do not use more than four fonts in one paper
use more white space
do not use as much clip art
Rule of Thirds:

Visually divide your page into thirds. Place elements on the page within these thirds for a more interesting and visually appealing layout.
Effective Use of Graphics
Standards/ Guidelines for the Use of Graphics
Different Types of File Formats
Use less Clip Art
Use Clip Art that supports your text or illustrates a point.
Instead of using many small images, consider using one or two larger images.

Abbie Moothart
Sydney Snowden
John Campbell
Lady Dawson
Andrew Spear

CMYK Colors
CMKY: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black printing inks

The CMYK color model is used in the printing process; it is converted from the digital format RGB

The RGB color model (made up of red, green and blue) is used in your computer monitor

These colors, can only be viewed in the computer monitor, and not on a printed page

When two RGB colors are mixed equally they produce the colors of the CMYK model:
Green and blue creates cyan (C)
Red and blue creates magenta (M)
Red and green creates yellow (Y)
Black is added to the model because it cannot be created with the 3 subtractive primaries (k)
Cool Colors
Cool colors tend to have a calming effect. At one end of the spectrum they are cold, impersonal, antispectic colors. At the other end the cool colors are comforting and nurturing.

Cool Colors:




Warm Colors
Warm colors convey emotions from simple optimism to strong violence. The warmth of red, yellow, pink, or orange can create excitement or even anger. The neutrals of black and brown also carry warm attributes.

Warm colors:
is all about love, passion, heat, joy, power
is sweet, nice, romantic, playful, delicate
is happy, joyful, cheerful, and for remembrance
represents riches, extravagance, bright, traditional
is energy, warmth, change, health
Use two to five colors for your page
Rules and Best Practices For Font
Complementary color palettes:
May use two, three, or four complementary color pairs
Be consistent
Using different fonts for every headline can become very confusing, and give your design a cluttered look
Create contrast by using bold fonts
Monochromatic color palettes:
Start with a single hue and then use shades or tints of that color to expand to two, three, or more colors
Add black ink for text and accents.
Analogous or Harmonizing color palettes:
Use two or more adjacent colors on the color wheel
If using a very small segment of the color wheel, adding shades or tints of one or more of the hues can keep these colors from being too low-contrast

Triadic color schemes:
made up of 3 colors equally spaced around the color wheel
Color Palettes
Primary Colors:
These colors cannot be formed by mixing any other color
All other colors are derived by combinations of these colors.

Secondary Colors:
These colors are the combination of primary colors

Tertiary Colors:
These are the combinations of the secondary colors
Guide To Making a Good Presentation
Color Wheel
How many colors should you use per page?
Most modern printers have resolutions in the thousands (1200 - 4800)
They will give you acceptable quality photo prints of images with 140- 200 PPI resolution and high quality image prints of with 200-300 PPI.
How To Use Bold Font & Spacing Effectively
Requirements to Become a Multimedia Designer
DPI: Dots Per Inch
PPI: Pixels Per Inch
Introducing the Z layout
PDF: Portable Document Format
sharing with people with different softwares /platforms
Layouts stay the same
Protected from unauthorized printing, viewing, copying, or changing.
TIFF: Tagged Image File Format
Ideal for high resolution printing
Offers flexibility for use in page layout software
JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group
Developed specifically for photographic images
Best used for on-screen display
PNG: Portable Network Graphics
Used for online publishing of illistrations with lots of colors and transparency
AVI: Audio Video Interleave
Can play in mainstream media players
Can be usedasa starting point to create
playable DVDs

The beginning of the z pattern is the eye catcher.
The middle is all the infomation about the product.
The "call to action" is the end and the goal .
About how many pictures should be used in an advertisement?
A. 10 small ones
B. 5 large ones
C. 1-2 large ones
D. Over 10
Educational Requirements
Rule of Balance
Places elements on the page so the text and graphic are evenly distributed.
Degree level:
Copy Right Law
Bachelor in fine arts or Bachelor in arts
Make sure you only use all caps with the right fonts
Dont use bold fonts on all of your titles
Degree Field:
Copyright law in the U.S. is governed by federal statute, namely the Copyright Act of 1976.
prevents the unauthorized copying of a work of authorship.
Multimedea design or grahpic design
Career Positions
Web developer
Graphic artist
Digital photographer
Instructional designer
Production assistant
Desktop publisher
Film/Video animator
Sections 106 through 122
Copyrights can be registered in the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress
one to five years
Font Types
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Key Skills:
comunication, organization, and time management
Serif adds pizazz to font
a slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces.
Does not have the small projecting features called "serifs" at the end of strokes.
When To Use
Serif & Sans-Serif
Use sans serif fonts for online body text
Make sure you use serif fonts for headlines and print only
Font Is one of the easiest ways to affect the design of an essay, presentation, or any literary work, Heres some key points so that you can use it correctly:
Name One Cool Color
How many spaces should you use bwteen sentences?
A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. No Space
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