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Chemistry project

No description

Gabriel Kwok

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Chemistry project

Watsons water
The largest manufacturer of pure distilled water in the world
Production plants located in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
Their products are consumed across the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.
Supply their valued customers with the healthiest and purest drinking water

History lists of Watsons
Plastics type marks
Chemistry Project
Topic: Plastic bottles

- Watsons began manufacturing distilled water in Hong Kong

- Plastic containers replaced glass in the commercial sector.

- Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Hutchison Whampoa Group.


- Launch the 'Handy Bottle‘ to replace of empty water bottles.

Polyethylene Terephthalate
main component
of plastic bottles
Thermoplastic polymer
A polyester of
Terephthalic acid
Ethylene glycol
The name of process:
Direct cooling
Indirect cooling
Blow molding
How to produce plastic bottle ?
The PET is heated and placed in a long thin tube
The tube of PET called
Injection molding
The second stage:
Transferred into a
bottle-shaped mold
Fills highly pressurized air through

Be blown and stretched into the mold
The third stage:
Two cooling ways:

indirect cooling
Carbon Dioxide
pressurized air
Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Bottle manufacturing

Chemical formula:


囫What are the imparts of plastic bottles?
Influence of Live (Advantages)
Easily carry out
Good material for water container
High toughness
Can be reused
Influence of Environment (Disadvantages)
Produce greenhouse gases
(N2, S2, CO2)
in oil refining
Cause the acid rain
Choke the landfills quickly and take up precious lands
Chemical formula: Acid rain
Influence of Health (Disadvantages)
Breeding the germs
Produce Diethyl Tydroxylamine (DEHA)
Release Dioxins (C4H4O2)
Both of the toxic compounds are carcinogenic
Chemical formula: releasing dioxins
Uses of recycling bottles
Fabrics for clothes
Other plastic container
Public facilities
What are the uses of recycling bottles ?
Environmental Friendly
Cooperate with environmental organization
Making new recycle bin for plastic bottles
Provide some talks about recycling plastic bottles in schools
Watsons water
Awarded the best environmental plastic bottle in 2010
Has maintained the investigation for their bottle to be more environmental
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Thank you
Information & history of Watsons water
Plastic marks & PET
Bottle manufacturing
Influence from plastic bottles
Use of recycling bottles
Environment friendly
Reference list
Yuen Hok Him, Timothy(54060561)
Ho Oi Yan, Yandy(54061047)
Wong Yin Kwan, Vera (54061416)
A separate component of plastic joined to the bottle
The first stage:
Kwok Waing Tai, Gabriel(54060179)
Producer responsibility scheme
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