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Tommie Smith

No description

Dave McPherson

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Tommie Smith

Tommie Smith began life quietly, born to Richard and Dora Smith on June 6, 1944, in Clarksville, Texas, the seventh of 12 children. Tommie Smith survived a life-threatening bout of pneumonia as an infant, which allowed him to carry out the work that God intended for him.
Young Life
After Tommie's family moved to California, he was voted the most valuable athlete of his basketball, football and track and field teams at Lemoore High School.
After winning the 200-meter gold medal at the 1968 Olympics, he and teammate John Carlos caused an uproar by delivering a black-power salute on the podium. Wearing black socks and black gloves, the two men took their places, bowed their heads and triumphantly raised their fists in a show of black unity.
The fallout was harsh; with the International Olympic Committee determining that the Games were no place for such a political display, Smith and Carlos were forced to return their medals the following day and ordered to leave the Olympic village.
The men were excoriated in some outlets for their "militant" exhibition and received death threats, although others offered praise for their courageous stance.
Tommie Smith
I am 11 years old.
I am in grade 5 at St Jude.
My favorite food is pizza.
I love softball.
My favorite color is blue.
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