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Career shadowing Melanie Vandervort

Music director

Melanie Vandervort

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing Melanie Vandervort

Career Shadowing
Melanie Vandervort My mentor is Chad. He is a worship leader for the church of First Baaptist church of highland city His average Salary is 40,000 Salary Education needed Master Degree is needed to
be a music director at a church Purpose of a music director's job? Make a difference in peoples lifes. He wants to make music envolence the young and old to show them to Christ. In 15 years......... He said" That this Church WILL have a bigger force in the community!" Skills People skills (comumuncation)
Organizaton Skills
Technology skills
Math skills
Music Skills
Technology Computers
Microsoft office
Enviroment projecton
media shout
ww created sweet
automated church

What I thought? Compare and Contrast Music Director Same School Audio Skills No uniforms Tech skills Organization uniforms 8 hours 7 more subjects Would I one day have thsi job? I would consider having this job becasue you get to work on music and technology. Plus you get to work in a house of God! The END!
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