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six interesting animals in antarctica

No description

Jessica G

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of six interesting animals in antarctica

Antarctica where the interesting animals live! Apperence 6 interesting animals
in Antarctica ! by Jessica.G ! Antarctica has a interesting and extremely adaptable display of these range of animals. So it was my job to investigate on six interesting animals and rank them by their weight. So let's get started and i hope you will all enjoy! introduction blue whale It depends where the blue whale lives.This big blue whale has a maximum body size of 98 ft or 30 meters long ... in the southern hemisphere. But in the Northern hepmisphere, this big blue whale is 29 ft or 27m. Adult blue whales weigh approximately weigh 160 tons equalling to 23 elephants. But on the other hand, Females are somewhat larger than males. Diet Blue whales mainly feed on krill, which are small shrimp-like organisms. They can eat up to 7,715 pounds. (3,500 kg) of krill a day! Habitat Fact This massive mammal can reach lengths in excess of 100 ft and weight more than 150 tons when it is fully grown! Apperence This killer whale or orca is the biggest of all dophians. This mammal can grow up to 23 to 32 ft or 7 to 9.7 m . Its average life spam in the wild is 50 to 80 years and can weigh up to 6 tons or 5344 kg. Ora whales can also grow up to a size of a school bus. The killer whale or orcas skin is mostly black with a few of white patchers all over his body. The male's dorsal fin is much more straight and taller but the females dorsal is more curved and smaller. Diet The killer whale or orcas are a carnavore (an animal who eats meat ) . This killer whale is a high preditor who feeds on fish, seals, and sometimes whales. Blue whales live in all the world's oceans occasionally swimming in small groups but usually alone or in pairs. They often spend summers feeding in polar waters
and go towards the equator when winter comes. habaitat killer whales hunt in deadly group called pods. Pods can contain up to
40 killer whales. They appear to
These different groups may prey on
different animals and use different
techniques to catch them. Fact The name “killer whale” comes
from the fact that they are the
largest of all the dolphin species
and are also one of the most
amazing hunters of all marine
mammals. Fact killer whale (orcas) Apperence Emperors are the largest of all penguins. An average bird stands some 45 inches or 115 centimeters tall. These flightless animals live on the Antarctic ice i surrounding waters. Their average life span in the the wild is 15 to 20 years. and they weigh up to 40 kg. Emperor Penguins are black and white like all penguins, and the sides of their neck are golden. Diet Emperor pegunins eat many types of fish. They eat antarctic krill, hooked squid, Cephalopod ( a type of squid) Habaitat Emperor penguin Emperor penguins live in groups called colony.The only place you will find the Emperor Penguin is in Antarctica. Studies show that
Emperor pengunies are able to survive in
such harsh conditions.
They are also able to make
their bodies adapt to their
enviroment. these animals are the largest pengunies of all 17 species of pengunies. lepord seal Apperence Leopard seals are earless seals, and also known as the sea leopards. Leopard seals have long, bodies and large heads and jaws. They have large jaws with long and sharply pointed teeth like dogs, unlike those of most other seals. Males are about 2.8m long and generally weigh 300-600kg, while the females are a bit heavier, between 400-500kg and about 3.5m long. Diet Leopard seals will eat almost anything and are aggressive hunters. Unlike any other species of seal, they hunt and kill warm-blooded animals, as well as fish and krill. The favorite food of
the leopard seal is the penguin. Habaitat Most leopard seals are found around Antarctica. Other leopard seals are
found in warmer reigons. They enjoy the
warmer waters too so you may be surprised to
learn that they can live in Fact Seals only spend about 20% of their time on land. Albatross Apperence The Albatross is mostly seen of their enormous size and With a length from 110 to 135 centimetres and wingspan of about 3.5 metres, the wandering albatross is the largest of all seabirds and has the widest wingspan of any bird. huge bills. Diet Albatrosses mainly feed mainly on fish and squid taken from the cool waters. Habaitat The Albatross live south on the artic circle
season or other
southernn areas. Fact Albatrosses spend most of their lives at sea. They only come to land to make their nests. Antarctica fur seal Apperence Antarctic Fur Seals have a body length between 1.2 and 2 m or 3.9 - 6.6 ft and they weigh between 25 and 210 kgs. As pups, they are black, but as they mature they develop a grey/brown colour and females usually have a lighter coloured chest. Diet Antarctic Fur Seals mainly feed on krill, but they will also eat fish and squid. They usually feed at night at this deep of 30 40 m or 98 131 ft but they have been known to dive as deep as 250 m or 820 ft. Habaitat Antarctic Fur Seals can be found in the Antarctic and
part of Antarctica's
water's. Fact Mother seals and pups find each other using a familiar call. A study in Alaska found that mothers and offspring were still able to recognize each others' calls even after a separation of four years. six blue......
thankyou Thank you for whatching...
hope you all learned something today
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