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Dry ice Bubble

where using dry ice,water,glass bowl,soap,and a cloth

Jazmine Goulding

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Dry ice Bubble

Data We found lots of bubbles and smoke comming out of the bowl it was cold Observation What we saw is there was smoke alot of bubbles it smelled like green apples Chemical Reactions Dry Ice Bubble Test hypothesis By Giancarlo Briceño ,Valentina Ruiz ,Jasmine Flores ,Nicolas Gonzalez State Standard 5a. students know reactent atoms and molecules intereact to form products with diffrent chemical Why is it Important To Study chemical Reactions ? It's Important because we need to learn how to make new stuff and to mix things up for fun, and to make new chemicals. Collect data /information Materials: Water, Dish soap, Glass bowl, Dry ice, and cloth Form Hypothesis we predict that it is going to work beacuse we are going to test it at home First we got a bowl then we added water Second we got a cup put water and added soap Third we got the cloth and dipped in the cup full of soap Fourth we put the dry ice in the bowl then we got the cloth Then we rubbed the cloth around the bowl Next it started to make bubbles Conclusion Our hypothesis was incorect because we did not get a big bubble.We did not have a round bowl.
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