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The Renaissance - Introduction

No description

Rebeccah Masters

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of The Renaissance - Introduction

The Renaissance Beginnings Renaissance means: "Re-Birth"
Revival of Greek & Roman Teachings Black Death - killed one third of Europe's population
People turned to the church during scary times Advancements Philosophy of Humanism
Balance of intellect and faith
importance of individual achievement in a wide range of fields Renaissance led to: 4 global changing movements:

Scientific Revolution
Age of Enlightenment
Age of Reason Occurs between the 15th & 17th centuries Florence, Italy Wool & Banking Industry in Italy
Wealthy Merchants
Participated in Government
Spent money on construction - physical rebirth of cities
Competition between merchants and rich
Led to the period of the Renaissance Inventions Scientific
Helio-Centric v Geo-centric Mathematical
Concept of Zero
India Artistic
Architectural Exploration of the world Political Path to the Renaissance Who are we? Each city state provided a unique environment for knowledge, understanding and the arts to flourish.

The merchant guild in each city state wanted to compete with each other to try and make a better
city. Importance of City-States Trade & Growing
Economy Growth of trade led to new ideas
and products in Europe -
Venice & Genoa
Bustling economy
Created prosperous cities
New classes of people
Had enough money to
support art and learning.
Coined Money
Growth of bankers, crafts-
people & merchants
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