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Northwestern University

College: History, Descriptions, Academics, Financial + Living + Dining + Transportation Arrangements, Career Services, Social Activities and My Dilemma

Kaylee Kwan

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Northwestern University

Financial Arrangements
I Would Finance My College Career With-
Personal Money
Living Arrangements
dorms that are available
number of years that on-campus housing is guaranteed
how to request a roommate
how to change a roommate
items that you can bring to your dorm room
any curfews or visitor restrictions
escription f he ollege
Northwestern University
Dining Arrangements
Transportation Arrangements
Northwestern Unversity
On May 31, John Evans, Grant Goodrich, Henry W. Clark, Andrew Brown, Orington Lunt, Jabez Botsford, Richard Haney, Richard H. Blanchard, and Zadoc Hall met to establish a university under the assistance of the Methodist Church.
1851 (Founded)
John Evans and the eight other businessmen, lawyers and Methodists leaders founded Northwestern to serve the Northwest Territory- an area that now includes the states of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and parts of Minnesota.
16 presidents have been in charge of Northwestern in the years since.
Northwestern University-
A Private Institution/School
A Co-ed school/institution
Founded by strong Methodists, but later it wasn't affiliated with the Methodist church.
Located in Evanston and Chicago in Illinois
Evanston= 240-acre campus (Main campus)
Chicago= 25-acre campus
Operates on a quarter system, (Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter) and students have finals three times a year. There is also a Summer Session where students take their summer classes.
Housing Options
14 Traditional Residence Halls
11 Residential Colleges
2 Residential Communities
Traditional Residence Hall
There are 14 traditional residence halls on campus.
Ranging from residences with as few as 11 students to larger residences with more than 500.
Each building has its own character, spirit, and unique advantages.
There is a building and a style to fit just about everyone’s preference in living style
Residential Colleges
There are 11 residential colleges on campus, ranging from 40 to nearly 300 students.
Some have a single unifying theme such as international studies while others are multi-thematic.
Each college is headed by a faculty member who serves as the Faculty Master. Masters and student officers recruit faculty members for the fellows program, which supports faculty presence through meals in the college, presentations known as “firesides,” and outings around campus and Chicago.
Residential Communities
There are 2 residential communities on campus; located at Allison Hall and Elder Hall.
These communities focus on student engagement, student-driven programming, and live-in faculty involvement while providing students with a comfortable place to live, learn, and grow
Special Interest Housing
Special interest housing is for students who choose to live with others who share a special academic or personal interest.
A special interest housing group may be located on a wing of a residence hall or have “exclusive use” of a small house.
The following are special interest housing options within University Housing:
My dilemma is that i am not able to study or focus on my assignments, because my roommate is constantly having company over.

My plan is to politely ask if she could meet with her friends somewhere else. If she continues to bring in company while I am trying to study, then I plan to move to a different room.
Because I am a freshman, I will have to wait until the first day of classes of Winter Quarter to officially have a room change.
Until then, since I already live in the Jones Residential College, I will fill out a waiting list to request a room change- within the Jones Residential College.
On the waiting list, I plan to specify that I request the room type to be a double.
It holds 121 students
It's available to all undergraduate students
It has room types of Single and Doubles- open suite style
And both men and women live in suites that are clustered by gender
I have been assigned to
JONES Arts Residential College.
I have been assigned one roommate- in the room type of a double
And it has a(n)-
Performance Room
Small Theater
Arts and Crafts Studio
Dance Studio
Music Practice Rooms
Computer Lab
And a Kitchenette
Gender Open Housing
Allows students, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity, to share a room or suite in select areas of our residence halls.

Open Housing is not intended- and in fact
is highly discouraged- for romantic couples.
A community of students interested in living sustainably and being actively engaged with the world around them.

Residents of GREEN House do service together, install efficient infrastructure in the house, and educate others about their impact on the planet as Northwestern students and as citizens of the world.
Substance-Free Housing
The use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and other forms of smoking materials is not permitted.

Residents and their guests are not allowed to return to the residence under the influence of or in possession of any prohibited substances
Interfaith Hall
Builds religious awareness within the hall and in the Northwestern community at large.
Residents represent diverse religious traditions.
3) Once all housing prepayments have been made, the next step will be to fill out the online housing contract. You may list your building and roommate preferences; or if you know who you want to be your roommate, you may add your roommate’s name. This contract will be made available on the Residential Services website on May 1, 2014, at 5:00 PM. This application must be completed by June 2, 2014, at 5:00 PM. Once you’ve made all prepayments and after you have completed the online housing contract then CONGRATS! You contracted for a space in housing!
4) Freshmen will participate in the online self-assignment room selection process in late June and early July and know their assignment and roommate information immediately after choosing their room. For those who choose not to participate in the self-selection process, Residential Services will send an email to the Northwestern email account of those students containing the room assignment and roommate information by the first week of August.
This Residence and Board Contract establishes a legal, binding agreement between Northwestern University and the student for use of assigned space and facilities.
The Contract does not guarantee assignment to a particular type of accommodation (room or apartment) or assignment to any preference indicated by the student. Student's preferences are requests only - room, apartment, occupancy, and University's granting of roommate requests cannot be guaranteed.
Contract for 2015-16 Undergraduate Housing
Requesting a Roommate
Changing a Roommate
Items I Can and Cannot Bring
Electrically or battery-operated or any other items that are considered by the University to be a safety or health hazard- are not permitted.
For example; washers, dryers, ceiling fans, dishwashers, pace heaters, treadmills, large appliances, etc.
No animals of any kind are allowed on campus.
Any personal belongings that are not considered a safety or health hazard are permitted.
Students can add themselves to waiting lists for up to 3 buildings, and can specify what type of room (i.e. a single or a double) that they wish to wait for. If you wish to move with a specified roommate, you should both turn in room change paperwork together.

You should fill out a waiting list request form even if your asking to change rooms within the same building, or are planning on a mutual room swap with another student.
Curfew or Visitor Restrictions
I may not have any overnight guest staying in my room except such guest as (a) be of my sex and (b) first be officially registered as an overnight guest which in no event may be without written approval of all my roommates.
Establishing quiet hours. The students in each residential housing deter­mine their quiet hour standards at the beginning of each academic year. Using either a hand vote or secret ballot, students may determine quiet hours for their area; however, the hours cannot be less than

Midnight to 8:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday nights and
1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Friday and Saturday nights.

Additionally, during finals weeks, all residents are expected to comply with 24 ­hour quiet hours.
Although voting may be done on a floor basis, voting for the whole building is highly recommended.
Residents are also encouraged to create quiet hours for lounges and public areas in close proximity to student rooms.
Defining quiet hours. Quiet hours identify times when quiet is essential and required. Generally, during quiet hours, any noise that prevents a resident (who is in his/her room with the door closed) from sleeping or studying is unreasonable.
Northwestern Facilities in Evanston
Some of the facilities include:
Henry Crown Sports Pavilion-
is linked to both the
Norris Aquatics Center
and the
Combe Tennis Cente
Patten Gymnasium
Blomquist Recreation Center
Vandy Christie Tennis Center
Sailing Center
Floyd Long Field
Lakeside Athletic Field
North Beach
Sports Fitness Recreation
Focused Facilities
There are many libraries available for the students.
Some examples are the following:
Where students can conduct research and improve their skills.
Students can do general exercises and related activities such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, weight lifting, and more. There are locker rooms and vending-machines.
Biological NMR Center
Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging
Central Laboratory for Materials Mechanical Property
Clean Catalysis Core
Computation, Modeling & Bioinformatics Center
Electron Probe Instrumentation Center
High Resolution Electron Microscopy and Surface Structure Facility
High Throughput Analysis Laboratory
Instrument Shop - Evanston
Magnet, Low Temperature, and Optical Facility
and many more
Mathematics Library
The library serves primarily NU's Mathematics Department and Statistics Department as well as the NU community.

The Mathematics Library has a research collection in pure mathematics and statistics of approximately 34,000 volumes.
Music Library
This library is one of the largest music libraries in the U.S. and is recognized for its particular commitment to twentieth-century music.

The Music Library collections and services are available in the Reading Room and in the Listening Center & Lab.
Transportation Library
This library was founded to support the curricula and research programs of the Transportation Center and the Center for Public Safety of Northwestern University, including the School of Police Staff and Command.

Its one of the largest transportation information centers in the world, containing information on all transportation model quality, including: air, rail, highway, pipeline, water, urban transport and logistics. A large collection on law enforcement, police management and traffic enforcement is included.
University Library
and the
Charles Deering Library
The Deering Library is now connected to the University Library, and serves as the primary library for the Evanston campus.
The Deering Library has three floors.
1st Floor:

Government Publications Department and the Northwestern University Archives
2nd Floor:
The Music Library
3rd Floor:
The Map Collection, the Art Reference Collection and the Special Collections Department
Courses to take:
•General Music
•Music Composition
•Music Technology
•Music Theory
•Music Education
•Music Graduate Studies
Planned Degree/Major
Bachelor of Music
Northwestern offers students hundreds of study abroad opportunities.
From Asia and Africa to Australia and South America, opportunities abound to learn in different environments from master teachers across the globe.

Some programs opened only to music students is:
•Danish Institute for Study Abroad (Royal Danish Academy of Music option)
•IES Abroad Paris: French Studies (IES=Indian Engineering Services )
•Royal Academy of Music
•IES Abroad Milan
and more
Part of the Charles Deering Library
Each year, faculty nominate graduating students for program honors.
In this Honors Program, the maximum number of students receiving honors (graduate AND undergraduates)
per program is:
Strings–3 (includes guitar and harp)
Voice–2 graduates, plus students completing undergraduate vocal honors program*
Cognition and Theory–1
Music Education–3 (2 standard degree program, 1 summer MM)
An internship is a learning experience that allows a student to combine his or her academic learning in the field of music with the real world operations of an organization.
It is necessary for each student to design his or her own internship with the assistance of an on site field supervisor in the chosen organization.
The organization supervising the intern should be an established business not owned by the student’s parents or relatives.

Normally 10-12 hours of work per week (100-120
total hours) is awarded one unit of credit. Internships can
range from 1-4 credits.
Some types of
Undergraduate Majors
(For Northwestern University)
Baritone/Bass- voice and opera
Bassoon- woodwind instruments
Cello- stringed instruments
Clarinet- woodwind instruments
Classical Guitar- stringed instruments
Double Bass- stringed instruments
Euphonium- brass instruments
Flute- woodwind instruments
Harp- stringed instruments
Horn- brass instruments
Jazz Studies
Mezzo/Alto- voice and opera
Music, Bachelor of Arts
Music Education- general music, instrumental, choral
Music Composition
Music Theory and Cognition
Oboe- woodwind instruments
Saxophone- woodwind instruments
Soprano- voice and opera
Tenor- voice and opera
Trombone- brass instruments
Trumpet- brass instruments
Tuba- brass instruments
Viola- stringed instruments
Violin- stringed instruments
Weinberg College of
African American Studies
African Studies
American Studies- selective program, not available to transfer students.
Art History
Art Theory and Practice
Asian Studies
Biological Sciences
Classics (Latin and Greek)
Cognitive Science
Comparative Literary Studies
Computer Science (Arts & Sciences)
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Geography-2nd major only.
Integrated Science Program
International Studies- 2nd major only.
Jewish Studies
Latina and Latino Studies
Legal Studies- 2nd major only.
Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences
Middle East and North African Studies
Middle East Languages and Civilizations
Middle East Studies- 2nd major only.
Physics and Astronomy
Political Science
Religious Studies
Science in Human Culture- 2nd major only.
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Undecided- Arts or sciences major
Urban Studies- 2nd major only.
McCormick School of Engineering
Applied Mathematics
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science (Engineering)
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing and Design Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Undecided- Engineering or applied science major
Communication Studies
Human Communication Sciences
Performance Studies
Human Development and Psychological Services
Learning and Organizational Change
Secondary Teaching
Social Policy
Undecided- Education or social policy major
Academic probation constitutes notice of unsatisfactory academic performance and is a warning that minimum standards for graduation are not being met. If a student receives two or more grades below C in any one quarter s(he) may be placed on probation.

Academic probation status is not made a part of the official academic record. Unless a student demonstrates significant academic improvement during the period of probation, a student may be dismissed from the University.
Northwestern University offers financial assistance to undergraduate students on the basis of need- financial aid continues to meet the full demonstrated need of aid applicants.
Each year, the Bienen School of Music will also award selective merit-based scholarships to those whose musical auditions demonstrate remarkable excellence.

The Director of Music Admission, Financial Aid and Enrollment, Ryan O’Mealey, is who you would contact if you are concerned about the costs of a college degree, or if you have any questions about how to pay for college and various types of financial aid. Phone Appointmen is
or by email

Visit the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid’s website to apply for financial aid.
This website also offers comprehensive information on scholarships and grants, federal work-study, G.I. benefits, loans for parents and students, a Net Price Calculator, and resources to help determine college costs and how to manage your financial aid.

: The NU Scholarship is generally the final component of an aid package, meeting any remaining need after other forms of aid have been applied.

: NU Appropriated Scholarship: Awards are based on demonstrated institutional financial need and availability of funding at the time the student applies. Recipients come from a wide range of income backgrounds.

NU Endowed Scholarship
: Awards that are funded by friends and alumni of Northwestern University. Students who are eligible for the NU Scholarship will be considered for a variety of endowed scholarships if they also meet the donors' other selection criteria.
Award Range
: $250 to over $40,000 annually.
Students who apply for aid will automatically be considered for all forms of institutional assistance listed below:

Northwestern University Scholarship
Good Neighbor, Great University
No-Loan Pledge Scholarship
Debt Cap Scholarship
Questbridge National College Match Scholarship
National Merit Scholarships
Founder’s Scholarship
Fermi Scholarship
Argonne Scholarship
Karr Achievement Scholarship

: The largest federal grant program, the Federal Pell Grant is designed to assist students from low-income families. These grants are awarded to degree-seeking undergraduate students who have not yet earned a bachelor's or graduate degree.

: Eligibility is based on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the FAFSA (which must range between $0 and $5,273), cost of attendance, student enrollment status, and quarters of attendance.

Award Range
: $602 - $5,730.
Northwestern University Scholarship
State Grants
Outside Scholarships
Outside scholarships are funds awarded by entities outside of the federal and institutional aid programs. Outside scholarships cannot be used to replace any portion of the expected family contribution, however, they benefit students by reducing and even eliminating the self-help portion (need-based student loans and work-study) of their financial aid award.

Northwestern scholarship will be reduced, dollar for dollar, only if the student’s outside awards exceed their self-help.

Typically, scholarship amounts are divided into thirds and credited over the three terms of the academic year. You will receive an updated copy of your financial aid award letter when your aid is adjusted for outside awards.
Scholarships & Grants
The scholarships and grants featured on our site are given to students who demonstrate financial need.
This type of funding does not need to be repaid

Northwestern Scholarships
Overview of University-funded scholarships, like the Northwestern Scholarship, awarded to approximately 45% of undergrads each year.

Federal/State Grants
Overview of federal/state funded scholarships like Pell Grants, Federal SEOG and Illinois MAP.

Outside Scholarships
Overview of Northwestern’s outside scholarship policy.
Federal Pell Grant
Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP)
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

: The SEOG supplements financial aid beyond the Federal Pell Grant.

: Pell-eligible students who demonstrate high need are considered for this assistance if they are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant.

Award Range
: $100 - $4,000, based on student need and availability of funding.

: State-administered grant program for Illinois residents.

: Students must be Illinois residents who: (1) are enrolled at least half-time at an approved Illinois post-secondary institution, (2) complete their FAFSA by the state's deadline (3) demonstrate financial need, (4) meet other ISAC criteria.
Award Range
: Maximum of $4,720.
Founders Scholarship
Awards are offered each year to a select group of incoming students from middle-income families. Award criteria include academic credentials, student essays, recommendations, leadership experience and potential, and academic interests. There is no application for this scholarship – eligibility will be determined during the normal financial aid review process. Renewal beyond the freshmen year requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0, which is reviewed on an annual basis. Recipients must be enrolled at least half-time to maintain eligibility. (Please note: Any reduction in tuition charges may result in a reduction of scholarship funds. Please review the Enrollment Status page for more information)
Award range: $13,200 average award. These scholarships are renewable for four years if students maintain the academic requirements noted above.
Some services that Northwestern provides are:
There are 2 mail and package centers located on campus-
North side of campus at Kemper and
South side of campus at Foster-Walker
If a student receives a package, they are notified through email to pick it up. All other mail is sorted and sent to the student’s mailbox, located in or near their residence hall.
Laundry machines are located in every residence hall.
All of the washers and dryers on campus are water- and energy-efficient. (33 Laundry Rooms)
Students can either use quarters or
Munch Money
to operate the machines. (Munch Money turns your WildCARD into a debit card. With Munch Money on your WildCARD, you can also eat at any on campus dining hall or retail location without worrying about carrying cash).
All laundry rooms are equipped with
, an online service that allows students to see which machines are available and even receive a text message when their laundry is done.
If any service is needed in your room or in a common room of your building, you can submit a maintenance request online.
There are full-time housekeeping staff to maintain the common areas of the residence halls.
Vending machines are located throughout campus academic and residential buildings.
Free Printing
You can print up to 100 sheets of paper for free every month at our “Freenters Stations,” located in Allison, Foster-Walker, Kemper, and the Norris University Center.
Cable TV
Cable service is provided to students in residence hall common areas.
Neighborhood Desks
Neighborhood desks provide 24/7 staff support to the three neighborhoods (Kemper, Alison and Foster-Walker).
Residential students may use these desks to report maintenance issues, pick up a delivery, or check out a pass key.
The desks are staffed by RA’s during the day and by a Community Service Officer (CSO) in the evening.
Dining facilities are in 6 of the larger residence halls:
1835 Hinman, Allison, Elder, Foster-Walker, Sargent, and Willard.

Each of the 6 residential dining locations features an all-you-can-eat menu with a wide range of choices.

Meals are planned with the students’ preferences and suggestions in mind and include a diverse range of healthy choices, traditional heartland entrees, ethnic selections, and vegetarian and vegan options.

Every meal includes a choice of fresh fruit and beverages; lunch and dinner offer extensive salad and deli bars.
In addition to the 6 main dining halls, other on-campus dining options include:
5 restaurants and cafes
2 convenience stores (c-stores)
The Norris University Center and
Chicago Campus
Restaurants & Cafes
Einstein Bros. Bagels
Fran's Café
Lisa's Café
Plaza Café
Tech Express
In the Norris Center
Frontera Fresco
Willie’s Food Court
Dunkin' Donuts
North Shore Pizza Co.
Paws 'n’ Go C-Store
In the Chicago Campus
ZeBi (Zest Bistro)
The Coffee Cure
Harry's Café
Kafé Kellogg
Meal Plan Options
To purchase a Resident Meal Plan use the Meal Plan Change/Request Form. For more information visit the Meal Plan Terms and Conditions page.
Commuter, Faculty, and Staff Meal Plan Options

Commuter students are able to purchase any of the Meal Plans.
WildCat Points expire at the end of each quarter.
The guest meals are available on your Wildcard.
Equivalency Meals may be exchanged for a pre-set value to purchase food.
Resident Meal
Plan Options
WildCat Weekly 13
13 meals per week
Used within any of the 6 resident dining halls
34 WildCat Points ($34.00) each quarter
2 complimentary Guest Meals each quarter

Annual Rate: $5,590
Quarterly Rate: $1,863
WildCat Weekly 14
14 meals per week
Used within any of the 6 resident dining halls
34 WildCat Points ($34.00) each quarter
Each week 3 of the 14 meals may be used as Equivalency Meals in our C-stores, restaurants, and cafes.
2 complimentary Guest Meals each quarter

Annual Rate: $5,885
Quarterly Rate: $1,962

WildCat Unlimited Plan
Unlimited access to the 6 residential dining halls during every meal perio
50 WildCat Points ($50.00) each quarter
Each week 2 meals may be used as Equivalency Meals in our C-stores, restaurants, and cafes.
2 complimentary Guest Meals each quarter

Annual Rate: $6,200
Quarterly Rate: $2,067
WildCat Block Plan
117 meals per quarter (350 per year)
used within any of the 6 resident dining halls (or as) Equivalency Meals in our C-stores, restaurants, and cafes.
100 WildCat Points ($100.00) per quarter
Also can be used for guests or additional meals

Annual Rate: $5,885
Quarterly Rate: $1,962
WildCat Meal Pack
10 meals
Used within the 6 resident dining halls 25 WildCat Points ($25.00) for purchases at our retail locations (these WildCat Points do not expire.)
Multiple packs can be purchased throughout the academic year.

Rate:$110.00 for each WildCat Meal Pack purchased
Purchase WildCat Meal Packs (NetID required)
Not available to First Year Students
Only available to faculty, staff, and students living off campus or in fraternities or sororities.
WildCat Weekly 6 Meal Plan
Only available to faculty, staff, and students living off campus or students living on campus participating in a fraternity or sorority meal plan.
6 meals per week for use within the 6 resident dining halls
100 WildCat Points ($100.00) per quarter which can be used to buy food at our C-stores, restaurants, and cafes on campus.

Annual Weekly 6 Rate: $2,904
Quarterly Weekly 6 Rate: $968
To get around campus I would walk, take a campus shuttle, or if I have to I would drive my car or ride a bike.
If I had to go off campus, I would take the bus, drive my car or carpool with a friend.

NCA Express Advising Center
NCA offers express advising that provides career-related assistance to answer quick questions on a drop-in basis. A typical walk-in lasts 5–15 minutes.
The NCA practitioner will inquire about your current needs, explain relevant services, recommend resources, and refer you as needed.
Individual Counseling Appointments
NCA has experienced staff members with whom you can discuss your specific questions and concerns. Sessions are confidential and there is no limit to the number of individual appointments you can attend.
A NCA practitioner may refer you to other staff members based on your unique needs.
Popular topics for appointments are: Full-time Job Search, Internship Search, and Deciding on a Career Path.
Career Assessments
Northwestern Career Advancement
NCA offers career assessments that can help you identify and organize your interests, values, and skills.
A Career Counselor or the Associate Director for Career Development will evaluate which assessments are appropriate for you.
Graduate/Professional School Advisement
NCA Career Counselors can help you determine if graduate or professional school is the next step for you.
These services include helping you identify appropriate programs, writing effective personal statements, and presenting yourself in a professional manner during interviews.
Employment Databases
CareerCat is an online internship and job database offered by NCA. This resource offers full-time positions and summer/academic year internships.
In addition, they offer access to iNet, an internship-only database that lists opportunities across the country.
Employers in these databases have specifically selected Northwestern as a school to receive their listings.
On-Campus Recruiting
CareerCat functions as the primary vehicle for navigating and managing On-Campus Recruiting.
Employers from a variety of industries visit campus to promote their respective employment opportunities to current Northwestern students.
Employers hold information sessions, host workshops, attend career fairs, and/or conduct interviews.
Workshops, Events & Career Fairs
Throughout the year our office sponsors hundreds of workshops and events on various career related topics.
These major career fairs offer students the opportunity to network with some of the top companies in their industries, and for those looking to hire Northwestern students our talent cannot be beat.
Employer Services
Companies and organizations can partner with NCA to recruit from our diverse and talented student and alumni populations through on campus recruiting, career fairs, networking events and company visits.
By: Kaylee Kwan
Period 5

Facilities in Bienen
The school's facilities comprise of-
97 individual and small-ensemble practice rooms
6 performance spaces
4 large ensemble practice rooms and
4 computer laboratories.
Bienen School of Music
The Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music is one of the oldest degree-granting music schools in the United States.

1873- The beginning started when the Northwestern Female College and the Evanston College for Ladies incorporated into the Northwestern University Women's College.
This new institution established the Conservatory of Music.
In 1891- Peter Christian Lutkin was named its director.
In 1892- The division was renamed the Department of Music and three years later become the School of Music, with Lutkin as its first dean.
1895 (Founded)
- School of Music became a distinct school within the University, offering two courses of study: two-year program for teachers and four-year program for performers.
The Bienen School of Music today has an enrollment of more than 620 undergraduate and graduate students and a world-renowned faculty of 125, including members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and other major ensembles.
The Bienen School of Music is a founding member of the National Association of Schools of Music, which fully accredits all its degree programs.
Northwestern University
School of Music
Northwestern Intramural Sports
The Intramural Sports Program at Northwestern University strives to offer its students, faculty, and staff opportunities to recreate in a fun and enjoyable way. The program provides a chance for participation in sports in an organized, competitive environment while structuring the competition along various levels of skill. It should be understood that intramural sports are intended to provide a way for students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University to enjoy sports in an un-pressured and fun environment.
Some of those sports include:
Spring Champs 2014
Northwestern Club Sports
Coed Club Sports
Ski Racing
Men's Club Sports
Ice Hockey
Ultimate Frisbee
Water Polo
Women's Club Sports
Figure Skating
Ice Hockey
Ultimate Frisbee
Northwestern boasts 8 men's and 11 women's varsity programs.
In the past 15 years, the Wildcats have had 27 conference championship teams, and 138 student-athletes have earned first-team All-American honors.
The Sport Club program exists to provide the NU community with a variety of opportunities for personal growth and development.

The Sport Club program offers the opportunity to compete in extramural competition against other clubs, schools, colleges, and universities.

NU students must comprise the majority of membership for each club and serve as club officers; however, faculty and staff may also join.
Student Groups/Clubs
and Volunteering Service
Some include:
64 Squares (Northwestern Chess Club)
: present students with the opportunity to play in a chess league and in intercollegiate matches
Academy of Music and Arts for Special Education (AMASE)
: teaches children with autism how to play musical instruments
Alternative Student Breaks (ASB)
: alternative Student Breaks sends students to volunteer sites across the nation during academic breaks
American Sign Language Club
: seeks to spread awareness about ASL and Deaf culture and to find ways to put our signing skills to use
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
: dedicated to advancing members' goals and passions in civil engineering
Applause for a Cause
: writes, produces, edits, directs, and premieres a feature-length film (90+ minutes) and donates all of the proceeds to that year's charity during the May red carpet premiere weekend
Arts and Music Programs for Education in the Detention Center (AMPED)
: music mentorship program that connects Northwestern students with incarcerated young men at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center
Campus Kitchens
: collects excess food from Northwestern dining halls that would be thrown away, and packages the food in meals and deliver these meals to impoverished, disabled, and elderly Evanston residents
: committed to improving access to medicine, education, and development for low income families everywhere
New Life Volunteering Society (NLVS)
: provides service to those in need especially through healthcare and education
IFC Fraternity North Quad
(Interfraternity Council North Quad)
Chapter Houses
Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Alpha Epsilon Pi
Beta Theta Pi
Delta Chi
Delta Tau Delta
Evans Scholars
Lambda Chi Alpha
Phi Delta Theta
Phi Gamma Delta
Panhellenic Sorority Quad
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Phi
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Gamma
Delta Zeta
Phi Kappa Psi
Phi Mu Alpha
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Chi
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sigma Nu
Theta Chi
Zeta Beta Tau
Fraternities and sororities have been a part of Northwestern since 1859, playing an important role in the lives of thousands of students.
Their educational programs, social activities, service projects, and leadership development opportunities contribute much to the University community.
Northwestern currently has 47 values-based chapters across 4 governing councils that range in mission from social to service to cultural; however each chapter was founded on the principles of scholarship, service, leadership and community.
Gamma Phi Beta
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Pi Beta Phi
Zeta Tau Alpha
Once you have been admitted into Northwestern University and have been accepted into one of the six undergraduate schools, you will receive your schedule.
Northwestern University will tell you which dormitory you have been assigned to and let you know what financial arrangements are offered.
The undergraduate school that you have been accepted into will hand you the courses you have to take along with your schedule. They will also give you the Undergraduate Student Handbook- telling the rules and regulations of that undergraduate school.
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