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The history of pizza(presentation)

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휘서 김

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The history of pizza(presentation)

1. The origin of pizza
2. Queen Margherita's favorite food
3. The reasons of pizza's popular
4. The first pizzeria
5. conclusion
In 1889, Queen Margherita visited naples. She saw people eating pizza in street. She ordered pizza to Raffaele Esposito. Pizza became her favorite food.
Now, pizza is popular because, there are breakfast pizza and with eggs and dessert pizzas with fruit or icecream.
One more reason is people can choose their favorite toppings like seafoods or egg.
Made by
The history of pizza
The origin of pizza
The origin of pizza is Middle East and Mediterranean. As early as 500B.C, the greeks made flat bread out of flour, oliveoil, cheese and herbs.
Queen Margherita's favorite food
Queen Margherita
Raffaele Esposito
Middle East
The reasons of pizza's popular
The first pizzeria
Italian immigrants took their favorite recipes to the United States. In 1905, the first pizzerea opened in New York City.
The first pizzeria
New York City
tomato pizza


Thank you for listening to my presentation

It's time to go!
Good bye~
Today, I talked about origin of pizza, Queen Margherita's favorite food, reasons of pizza's popular. And, the first pizzeria too. I think pizza is wonderful food. It is delicious. I like many pizzas but especially I like tomato pizza and gorgonzola pizza with honey.
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