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Heart of Darkness: Isolation

Heart of Darkness Project for AP English Literature Theme: Isolation Viewpoint: Psychoanalytic Criticism

Jessica Balagtas

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Heart of Darkness: Isolation

Film Connections Isolation Jessica Balagtas
Shivani Patel
Anjli Shah
Gabriela Andrada
Abigail Apregilio Belief vs.
Principle Psychoanalytic
Theory Castaway Apocalypse Now Historical Connections Percy Harrison Fawcett Henry Morton Stanley Literary Connections Lord of the Flies The Things They Carried SYMBOLS BUTCHER POLICEMAN -Principle, legitimacy (ex: Ralph)
-Can't function in isolation

-More associated with civilization
than Butcher -Belief in darkness
-Doesn't need society
Jack (Lord of the Flies)
The natives The Jungle Isolated, lose touch
with reality -Jack & his followers Become savages after
killing the pig Conch Connections Character The Story Collection of Short Stories by William Golding by Tim O'Brien Fresleven "gentlest, quietest creature" "he probably felt the need at last of asserting his self-respect in some way" The Lost City of "Z" A "Nietzschean
Explorer" - the will to power
- radical
perspectivism "Dr. Livingstone, The International African Society War in Vietnam "Breaker of Rocks" murderer

-Changes people: The Manager & Kurtz, Jack (Lord of the Flies), Chuck (Castaway)

-Ego gives way to Id: fascination with the abomination -"...stepping delicately between....the holy terror of scandal and gallows and lunatic asylums" (pg. 109)

-Lieutenant Jimmy Cross (The Things We Carried)
-Kurtz, Fresleven pg. 53
-Percy Harrison Fawcett I presume..." philanthropist? or Platoon of Soldiers & their experiences Narrator/Protagonist:
Tim O'Brien Experiences after War Manager genius NO learning intelligence "perhaps because "perhaps there was nothing within him." he was never ill..." Congo Vietnam War Benjamin L. Willard Colonel Walter E. Kurtz "The horror... the horror..." Chuck Noland Wilson Stranded "You still awake?...Me too. You scared?...Me too." *Still can be associated with civilization -Vibrant, alive
-Intimidating, powerful

-Cut off from the world (ex: Lord of the Flies)

-Belief matters more here than Principle the loss of the
"delicate step" - = THE JUNGLE EGO ID
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