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U of T

No description

Erin Finlay

on 14 January 2017

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Transcript of U of T

Copyright in Canada Conference 2015

Erin Finlay
Director, Legal and Government Relations
Access Copyright
Principal, Finlay Law
The Scope of Fair Dealing and its Application to
Educational Institutions
Dealing must be fair
Theberge v. Galerie d'Art de Petit Champlain
[2002] 2 S.C.R. 336)
Fairness Doesn't Shy Away from the Facts
Open Access
Library Subscriptions
and Databases
Scholarly Communications
Major Changes in Practices and Behaviours

The Writing and Publishing Market
is Complicated
Professor's Choice
is Complicated
Not everything used/copied in ei's is paid for
We all want
quality content
easy to use
every student, teacher, prof and administrator
across the country
(except Quebec)
all works
all authors, all publishers
10%, chapter, article, poem, short story
The FDG hurt...a lot
As a result of the FDG:
by 2016, $30 million loss
no uptick in permissions revenues to publishers or authors
fewer Canadian titles - 50% of SMEs plan to reduce content production for educational sector
less variety
fewer niche areas served
OUP exits the Cdn K12 market
20% less income to creators
1/3 of creators creating less for the educational sector

(PWC, Economic Impact of the Educational Sector's Fair Dealing Guidelines, June 2015)
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