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Social Media in context

Bradford Teaching Hospitals

Anne Cooper

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of Social Media in context

Anne Cooper
Registered Nurse
Person with T1 Diabetes
Social Media: What it offers you in your engagement with patients and communities
Are you active in social media?
The 'what' of Social Media
Social Media has huge potential
Is where there are lots of people
Patient communities are starting to form
This is where we can work
This is where we can learn
This is where we can talk
Where we can listen and support people
The 'why'
With grateful thanks to Auden from the Healthcare Hashtag project @audvin
How -
Digital professionalism

Practical Tips!
Decide your purpose and how you want to be - what do you want your digital presence to look like?
Select the right tool for the job
Forgive yourself - give yourself time to learn the skills to use the technology and apply them
Understand your scope and professional responsibility - online is permanent
Be aware of privacy of self and others
Always be polite and treat people with respect
Be courageous and step in if others need help
Be generous - share knowledge, networks and materials
Be authentic
Make friends
Practice makes perfect!
Remember the principle - is a conversation not a broadcast :)
Start a blog internally then go BIG :)
Have fun
Don't post if you are not sure
Common sense! Apply it!!
Have fun!
Learn lots!
Ask lots of stupid questions
Social Media refers to the means of interaction among people in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks - Wikipedia June 2013
Explore #hashtags and lists
Support patients ability to selfcare
Community development
Support understanding of life skills - knowing how as 'well' as 'what'
Extending professional reach and scope
Professional capital
Professional development
Can we offer care??

The professional and private interface
What does digital professionalism in social media offer?
Be careful!
Security settings!
The more difficult things
The 'We' Family
The best resources for Twitter!
How to tweet
Conference tweeting
Evidence based practice - #WeCATS
How to use Twitter for CPD
Wordpress is a great resource for bloggers
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