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Geographical Concepts SPICESS

No description

Elita Pinto

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Geographical Concepts SPICESS

Geographical Concepts: SPICESS
Everything in the world has a space. For example the way things are distributed or the alignment of things. Space is also how all the space is managed by people and the way it is organised. A space can be determined by it's precise location eg. latitude and longitude. Or its direction, like whether it is north, south, east or west from a certain place
Location 3
Final Destination
Our world is made up of various places. Since all these places are different we need to understand each of these places. To understand these places we need to learn how it affects our lives and how it became that place. Often you have your own perception of a place that you live in, which would be a different perception from a foreign person.
For example the way these houses are spaced in this street. They are in a row.
To us this place would look like a slum or a garbage dump. But to the people livng there it would be their home. They willbe two different perceptions of one place.
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