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Juan Ponce de Leon

By: Emma Breidenich

emma breidenich

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Juan Ponce de Leon

Personal Background
I was an explorer who explored and settled in Florida looking for the fountain of youth. Settling in Florida, I brought 200 men with cattle, horses, and seeds. I was born in Tierra de Campos Palencia, Spain. I was born into a noble family.
Motives For Exploration
By: Emma Breidenich
I mainly searched for the fountain of youth, I heard stories about the fountain in another island. The fountain of youth was supposed to make old people young again. I also was hoping to find gold as my men and I traveled.
My sponsor was King Ferdinand of Spain. King Ferdinand also made me governor of Hispaniola. I went back to Spain and King Ferdinand encouraged me to keep exploring. Spain was hungry for land in the 1500s, people didn't eat fresh fruit and many people grew their own food and sold the rest.
My voyage was from 1506-1513 then again in 1521 and I died in 1521, because I took some of the indians land to settle on and they got mad. The indians fought with me, and an arrow struck me and I died. The place that I died in was called Cuba.
Route of Exploration
When I left Spain, my birthplace, I went northwest along the great chain of islands. In March of 1513 my ships reached the north end of a land form now called the Bahamas. Then, my men and I went to ST. Augustine, Florida. We thought that it was an island but it wasn't.
When I reached Florida looking for the fountain of youth, we found a very unpleasant surprise. The indians attached us, we fought back and captured many. We killed so many indians fighting and they wounded a lot of people and killed some. Even though I never found the fountain of youth I still claimed a lot of land for Spain, and discovered new territories for the rest of the world.
Juan Ponce de Leon
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