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Ralph Lauren

No description

Jonathan Thomas

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Ralph Lauren

Should Ralph Lauren decide to invest in and implement these strategies then their investment will be returned to them in due time.
Differentiation Strategy- This strategy will help Ralph Lauren to separate itself from its consistent competitors
Low Cost Strategy- This strategy will lower cost of manufacturing and will allow the company to lower some prices as well.
Recommended Strategy
Demographics- economic hardship has led to loss in sales for certain demographics
Competitive- Ralph Lauren faces extreme competition in women’s division (Ann Taylor, Coach, Liz Claiborne)
Culture- Nations that resist westernization may see Ralph Lauren as an impediment on their culture
Economic- Fluctuating exchange rates affect sales substantially
SWOT Analysis: Threats
Legal- Hired first plus sized model which helped avoid lawsuits
Economic- Retail sales index shows an increase which means consumers are buying more
Social-Ralph Lauren supports a cancer campaign which helps build brand with customers
Demographic- New American Living Brand helps company reach a completely new market
SWOT Analysis: Opportunities
Management- Ralph Lauren is a global brand which makes it difficult to implement alignment of values
Marketing- Global branding makes it difficult to keep up with ever-changing fashion trends
Human resources- Difficult for employees to move up corporate ladder if not U.S. based
Financial- Many company offices are expensive to upkeep
Technology- Online financing is largely dependent on Create-a-Polo feature
Other- Exchange rates make overseas operations increasingly difficult
SWOT Analysis: Weakness
Management-The company has been able to put operations into three divisions making management more efficient
Marketing- Ralph Lauren sponsors many events (Wimbledon & Olympics)
Human Resources-Maintains a good workplace environment for employees
Financial- Stocks continue to rise even through economic contraction (RL 157.46)
Technology- Website is thriving and is expected to be a major part of company growth
SWOT Analysis: Strengths

Founded in 1968 by Ralph Lauren former tie salesman
Women’s line introduced in 1971
First ads put in NY newspaper 1974
Polo Cologne introduced in 1978
Furniture line introduced in 1983
First store opened in 1986 on Madison Avenue
Ralph Lauren goes public and is traded on NYSE (RL) in 1997
Currently one of the world’s most recognized lifestyle brands
Mission, Vision Statement
SWOT Analysis
Strategic Issue
Recommended Strategy
By: Jonathan Thomas, Artaveya Ingram, Kenneth Willingham, Yoland Innis
Strategic Planning: Ralph Lauren
Differentiation- Ralph Lauren will have to be innovative in its new lines and continue to differentiate itself in order to remain on top of competitors.
Low Cost- Ralph Lauren should purchase manufacturing plants which will lower production cost in the long run
Seasonal department issues- Company faces extreme competition seasonally from Liz Claiborne and Tommy Hilfiger
Demographics/Cost- Ralph Lauren is considered a higher end brand which limits them demographically. It also causes higher pricing
Strategic Issue
Mission “To redefine American style, provide quality products, create worlds and invite people to take part in our dreams.”
Vision- Ralph Lauren does not have a vision statement; however, a vision statement is important because it points to the future and provides a perspective on where the organization is headed.
Mission And Vision
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