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Silence by Natasha Preston

No description

yajaira frausto

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Silence by Natasha Preston

Essential Question:
Literary devices
"The kiss only lasted a couple of seconds, but even after he pulled away, I could still feel the pressure of his lips on mine. Cole smiled as he took the key and opened the door while I stood there like an idiot, gawping after him" (130).
This quotation demonstrates imagery because it is very detailed and it depicts an image of a couple. You can picture Oakley's face as Cole pulled away from her and headed towards the door.
"The beach was beautiful, the water was a clear aquiline blue, and soft golden sands stretched out as far as I could see. There were people dotted around the beach lying on colorful towels, and children running around, building sand castles" (234).
This quotation exemplifies imagery because you can clearly imagine the setting in your head. You can hear the waves, smell the salty ocean, sight the beautiful view and touch the warm sand.
Review of the book
Silence by Natasha Preston

Yajaira Frausto

I recommend this book to a teenager because its filled with drama and love. When I read this book it was so romantic and full of friendship. I enjoyed the book because it was so interesting. In the beginning of the book I was curious into finding out why Oakley, the main character hasn't talked in years. At the age of five she stopped talking and no one knows why ? What I loved most about this book was the kind of friendship Oakley and Cole maintained throughout all the years. I also loved how the book transitioned from one characters perspective to the other. For example in some scenes Oakley gave her thoughts on the situation then it would switch to Cole giving his perspective in the situation. I wouldn't say I hated anything, but what I disliked was the ending. I didn't acknowledge the fact that Oakley moved to Australia and left her " Best friend, " Cole back in England. Then again there is a sequel to this novel so I would have to see what will occur next. I think this book is important because it relates to many people in society. In my perspective, for a person to not talk in years shows that something must have happened. They could be going through a hard time in their life or might be fearing something. I learned so many things from this book, but something that stood out to me was that if something in life happens and it bothers or affects you, don't stay quiet. The solution would be talk to someone that would help you move on and continue with life.
Literary devices

"My silence was responsible for my family's happiness. Silence was my prison" (5).
In this quotation 'prison' functions as a metaphor for being trapped in your own thoughts. To be oppressed, held down, and being deprived of freedom.
"When Dad was like that, joking around, it made me feel hopeful. Perhaps now it was all over we could still be a normal family again. I still loved the dad I remembered: I still wanted him to be who he once was. If he could just be that person then everything would be okay; our family would be okay" (163).
This quote sets a hopeful one to the main character. You can feel the worry the protagonist goes through in this quotation.

A core theme or idea within the book Silence by Natasha Preston may be to accept people for who they are and what they have been through, to help those being bullied stand tall, and make them feel self worthy. It is important to help to help the ones that need to be nurtured with attention. To be a bully is a walk in the park because hurting someone isn't a difficult task to accomplish, but to be bullied is like falling deep down by the pressure and society. When everyone is against you, you have no motivation to strive for a better future. "It seemed like all I did at school was hide out and run away. I hated myself for that. but I couldn't take the constant bullying" (63). Some people get traumatized and end up going mute due to the hurtful words people shoot at them. "Silence consumed my whole life; it suppressed things I could never express" (5). The targets start to break down emotionally and they don't have a healthy mentality. "I felt a stab of guilt" (225). They feel depressed in almost anyplace they stand upon. "The plane home is the most depressing thing ever" (287). They show sad gestures and hope to be happy one day. "He looked sad, really sad" (83).
"Silence is golden" (5).
Silence is a symbolic figure as to saying it could have some type of value. I could have something bright in it or something completely dark.
"If someone's bullying you then you need to let me know so I can contact the school" (45).
This quotation demonstrates an allusion because many teenagers can relate to this situation.
"My hair looked like a bird's nest, sticking out on all different directions" (193).
A bird's nest can emphasize the tiredness Oakley has been going through and the exhaustion of her little secret.
Plot devices A
The conclusion of the novel was interesting and shocking. I wasn't expecting that her dad was the cause of her going mute for years. The part that was predictable was that something really serious occurred for her to stop talking to everyone, including her family. I still question why she never talked to anyone about what happened when she was younger? I understand that she didn't want to bring any harm to her family but her father had to pay the consequences for his actions. To be honest I enjoyed the ending because it made me think about girls that get raped and stay quiet. The ending was great, but there is a sequel so I must read it to find out what happens after everyone knows that her father raped her at the age of ten.
Plot devices B

Cole, Oakley's best friend is a very protective and caring character in this novel. He shows the love he has for Oakley everyday. He doesn't pay attention to the negative comments people say about them. He is confident and strong when it comes to his friendship with Oakley. He helps Oakley push through her problems and holds her hand when she feels blue. He hugs her when she needs to be loved and makes her feel important. He wears jeans and t-shirts. He values the friendship he has with Oakley even through he doesn't know if she feels the same. He is a dynamic character because when Oakley spilled her big secret he suddenly started caring more and loving her more than originally. It affected them both when Oakley found out she was going to move to Australia with an aunt so she can forget the past and start a new slate, with a new life.
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"Silence by Natasha Preston Review." Scribbled Thoughts of a Mad Woman. Web. 21 May 2014.
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