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Battle of the Champagne

No description

Amberly Barrett

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Battle of the Champagne

The Battle of Champagne
When and where did this take place??
The first battle of champagne was in northern France and started December 20, 1914 – March 17,1915.
The second battle of champagne was in champagne, France and started September 25 – November 6, 1915.
The third battle of champagne (also called battle of the hills) was in champagne Province, France and started April 17-20 1917.
The fourth battle of champagne (also part of the second battle of the Marne) was at Marne river near Paris, France and started July 15 –August 6, 1918.
How did it end??
In the first battle it was in winter weather that made it hard on the battlefield: guns became clogged with mud and refused to fire, and heavy rainfall often made the trenches pratically unusable. The french called off the attack lack of gains and strength of German counter-attacks. This will soon begin again in 1915.
1. Who were mainly involved?
2. Where did this mostly take place at?
3. Name 2 significances of WWI.
4. When did the battle of champagne finally end?
5. What french commander planned a major offensive?
6. Why did the french call off attack in the first battle?
7. T or F? The first battle started on December 4, 1914.
8. T or F? The fourth battle of champagne was also part of the second battle of Marne.
9. T or F? The third battle of champagne lasted 3 days.
10. T or F? The technology of warfare expanded.
Who were involved??
The Germans and French were the main ones involved.
They were trying to gain more land.
What occurred??
French commander Joseph Joffre planned a major offensive stretching throughout the Artois and champagne regions of France from Nieuport in the north to Verdun in the south.
After minor attacks near Perthes in eastern champagne, heavy fighting occured simultaneously at Givenchy, Perthes, and Noyon, where the numerical advantage enjoyed by the French resulted in few gains in territory.
All of the wars finally ended on August 6, 1918.
The result decisive allied victory.
The significance of WWI
Technology of warfare expands:
poison gas
tracer bullets
air traffic control
mobile x-ray machines
1. Germany and France
2. In France
3. Mobile x-ray machines, poison gas
4. August 6, 1918.
5. Joseph Joffre
6. guns were getting clogged with mud and heavy rain made trenches not useful.
7. False December 20, 1914.
8. true
9. true
10. true
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