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How has the Media objectification results in women self-objectification???

Media Topic

Louis Liew

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of How has the Media objectification results in women self-objectification???

Term of Women's self objectification Causes... Solutions??? The Patriarchy System.....

Most of the man hold the power and steal the women's priority rights. The women faced oppression by the men due to the objectification from media.
Men are display as heroism, masculinity; while women portrayed as feminine figure.... Objectification theory(Fredrickson&Roberts1997) asserts that pervasive external evaluation leads women to adopt a view of themselves as object that are valued for use by others.

Women portrayed as sexually objects, they are physically evaluated by others, more than themselves.

Women desperate to shape their body not for their own benefits, mostly to conform the norms in the patriarchy society.(Gapinski, K.D., Brownell, K.D., & LaFrance, M. 2003) How the media objectification results in women's self-objectification?? Self acceptance and love your body.
Create more social websites like "Stop Objectification" to spread the awareness.
Make a pact with your friends and family to stop judging your own appearance by the media's narrow beauty standards.

Encourage educators to incorporate media objectification and body image issues into health and comprehensive sex education classes.

Strict the laws against the advertisers, and media must embrace positive images of women. So, media forms like tv programmed- 'American Next Top model' displays how the women's sharp figure and promote the rating of women by appearance.
Research study found that the teenage girls spend on entertainment at least 3-4 hours per day in a week. The Americanization cultures have cultivate into the society, made a huge impacts on the women's self images.
There are various forms of media that objectification the women's sexually affections. Media acts as the messenger.
Firstly, media targets the young women like adolescent girls, the growth of pornography industry.
The power in advertising...Manipulate the women's ideal-self.(NWO) Thesis Statement.... Media's objectification can causes women in gender stereotyped, they might faced oppression in physically, and have symptoms of mental trauma. 3000 advertisements every day!!!(Kilbourne Jean) Most of the ads shows women in unrealistic figure, make them believe in "Beauty Perfection." Media demonstrates the significances on gender roles.
Women being portrayed as sexually manner, "dressed in revealing clothing, with bodily postures or facial expressions that imply sexual readiness."(APA,2007,p.4) Music videos that show the lyrics degrades females.
Portrayed women as sexually physical, like "Smack That" or "Low" especially the hip-hop music...

All these music videos will influences the perceptions of men. Like sexual abusive cases. Physical Oppression...
Some women will get alienated by the groups, abnormal groups.(NWO)

The dehumanization of women might lead to domestic violence, sexual harassment.(NWO)

Women with younger age have more privileges rights, representative images of older women hardly exist in the media.(Friedan) Those few are potrayed look much younger than their actual age.(Itzin) Oppression by the society. Mental depressions. The effects of media's on women's self-objectification.. Basic priority rights get stolen by the men.

Receive double standards from the majority of men.

Women viewed as person doing menial job, can't involved in political areas...

They less demonstrates their intellectual, only depend on their beauty affections. Causes A woman may lack of interests on anything. Can't focus, unstable emotional, lower self-esteem, often unsatisfied about her body.(Frederickson& Roberts.1998)

Lost self-conscious on her body self.When a person is in a state of self- objectification. They interrupt the flow of consciousness and limit their mental resources. (Fredrickson, B.L., Roberts, T.-A., Noll, S.M., Quinn, D.M. & Twenge, J.M. 1998).

Sexual dysfunction, affect a woman's performance in their daily life. Final words, beautiful doesn't rely on our appearance, it can dependable on our personality. Don't let anyone tell you ain't Beautiful....(Eminem) Examples on physical oppression.
A woman wears sexy clothes might seek unwanted sex attention, or she will treated as a sexually object... Bibliography
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Fredrickson.L, Barbara, and Ann-Tomi Roberts. "Objectification Theory: Psychology of women quarterly,." Objectification Theory: Psychology of women quarterly,. (1997): 173-206. Print. Example of "Low" lyrics She turns around and give that big booty a smack,'hey'....Shawty was hot like a toaster, like a pornography poster she showed her...(Rida,2008.) Sexualization can result in self-objectification. It can diminish the ability to concentrate and be attentive, resulting in poor performances in areas such as math and logic.(APA) It causes downward spirals in women's quality life, lower down their self-identity. (Redefined Beauty,2011.) Essentially, women are viewing a distorted reality and holding themselves to the unattainable standard set by the non-reality of popular media – and most often, those standards are based on oppressive, power-laden ideals of whiteness.(Redefined) White women often personify our society's beauty ideal, the dominant templates is even more out of reach for women of color.(NWO) Digital manipulation make the woman in"Physical perfection". Social webpages like "Love your body." Miss Representation".Org Turn objectification into empowerment!!! Redefined, Beauty. "Beauty Redefined Blog." Beauty Redefined Blog. (2011): n. page. Print. <http://www.beautyredefined.net/beauty-whitewashed-how-white-ideals-exclude-women-of-color/>.

Dickerson, Rachel. "America Objectified." America Objectified. 39-44. Print. V.S. Question Times!!! Repeated exposure to sexual objectification increases the likelihood that women will objectify themselves. This leads women to regard themselves as mere sex objects, to experience body shame, and to chronically monitor their external appearance (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997) Women portrayed as a victim in sexually object... Glamorize the sexually violence towards females... Research study shown that as 10millions Americans are suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, one of many eating disorders results from body dissatisfaction, between 5 and 20percent of individuals will die from this disease.(NEDA) Her own sense of being in herself is supplanted by a sense of being appreciated as herself by another. (Fredrickson, B.L., Roberts, T.-A., Noll, S.M., Quinn, D.M. & Twenge, J.M. (1998).
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