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GCSE Computing Parents Evening.

No description

Aaron Tighe

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of GCSE Computing Parents Evening.

An Introduction to
GCSE Computing
Year 9
Year 11
Year 10
Controlled Assessment 1&2 (60% of Final Grade)
Introduction to Programming
Computer Systems and Programming
Written exam - 40%
Introduction to Programming
What is a programming language
Programming Rules and Concepts
Creating and Debugging Basic Programs

Taught using the industry standard programming language 'C'
Controlled Assessment - App Design
Key concepts:
Learn about styles of app development
Learn logic and UI design
Use the systems development life cycle
Understand the importance of testing and evaluation
Computer Systems and Programming
Key Areas of Study:
Computer Hardware / Software
Data Representation
Communications and Networking
Algorithms and Programming Languages
A 1.5 hour written exam covering all of the previously mentioned topics, sat at the end of Year 10

A mixture of Short and Long answer questions on paper!
Controlled Assessment : Programming Project
Key Points:
A full project, included all aspects of executing a real project i.e. Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing, Evaluation
A topic will be given to pupils (as chosen by the exam board, and yet to be released)
How the course is taught
The course will be taught as a set of skills, being as language independently as possible

We will be using the 'Python' programming language to teach programming but we will be use other programs to teach other techniques i.e. MIT App Inventor
Homework will mainly be set in three main ways
A series of online tests, testing retention of definitions and understanding of key concepts

Planning programming solutions to problems posed in class

Creating programs or program extensions
How you can help
Encourage your youngster to read around the subject and use the tools outside of the classroom

Encourage your youngster to show you programs and projects they are working on

Get your youngster to try and teach you what they have learned in class!
Two periods over Two weeks
Four periods over Two weeks
Five Periods over Two weeks
The best things we ♥ about GCSE computing...
Learning how to code loads of different types of programs from making calculators to randomly encrypting messages !

How the course is split up into different sections

Learning different ways to code from App Inventor to the Python programing language

Learning how to make and design apps at school then being able to download them onto our own phones

- Representation of Data
- Number Bases
- Computer Systems
- Programming Theory
- Logic
- Syntax
- Python Language
- Constructs
Please Remember that controlled assessment cannot be completed outside of the classroom
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