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Presentation of Graphic Products

Prezi for Media SLC, Unit 32 assignment 3

Matt Higgins

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Presentation of Graphic Products

Add what general LOOK & FEEL you are trying to get across.
Add what KEY MESSAGES you are trying to get across, e.g. to introduce a new band, a heavy rock sound, disaster movie, sci-fi genre

Unit 32 Assignment 3
Consept #1
The following designs have several mandatory elements, present in each product. For example each product uses the same colour scheme of blue and purple. Also each design feature the same character with a confused representation between protagonist and antagonist. They also use the same logo with heart beat graphic
DVD Cover
For this DVD Cover concept I have incorporated a smashed glass effect at the foot of the character. This shows him to be a powerful being or potentially dangerous. However the use of glowing wings is an image associated with angles and so is a connotation of a conforming nature. Also this design uses the conventions of popular sci fi by focusing on a central character.
- Poster
- DVD cover
- Action figure packaging
film Poster
Action figure Packaging
The Guardians Movie
Presentation for Media
Graphic Products
Name of film/band/ artiste/event/game
*The guardians
Background of film/band/ artiste/event/game, e.g. how long going for, how successful, awards won, history of brand communication, where event takes place
*Robotic aliens resembling angles come to the earths defence from an invading empire but eventually turn on the people they were defending
Product description, e.g. what does the album sound like/storyline of film or game/who’s appearing at event
*Sci fi film similar to transformers
Distribution channels. How will the product be distributed, e.g. mainstream cinema, online only. How will publicity be distributed?
*Film – mainstream high budget production
Digital and imax
Target audience, please segment, (e.g. age, gender, income, occupation, interests, education level, location)
15-25 main movie going audience mainly a male audience
Fitting in to the geek subculture and fans of other sci fi films such as star wars

Project objectives; from your designs, what do you want to do, e.g. increase sales Promote the film

Competitive brands/products (include examples).
*Transformers / star wars / star trek
How the film/artiste fits into the genre compared to competitors. E.g. if science fiction how will the design style be similar or different.
*Like transformers the film largely focuses around humans and their robotic allies. Like films such as star wars the colour scheme will be sci –fi colours such as purple and red

What is the one thing to tell the audience? What is the one thing they should remember?
*Like transformers but with a sinister twist
Mandatory elements in each product, e.g. logos, images Distributer logo – film logo – character images
Linking – how will all three products be linked, e.g. logo, imagery, colour scheme, style? Colour scheme – red / blue / purple
Robot characters

Outline ....
Set in the near future, an alien invasion threatens to consume the planet. faced by near impossible odds and superior technology, the last hope for earth lies with a small but organized resistance aided by mysterious robotic beings known as the Guardians. However after the defeat of the invaders the Guardians quickly turn on humanity believing them to be the next biggest threat to the planet, concluding with their destruction at the hands of the resistance.
Poster - To promote the film and inform the viewer
DVD cover - To present the product and attract the audience. But also to indicate the genre and target audience.
Action figure Packaging - To sell the product and increase film revenue.
Target Audience
Mood board
Inspiration Mood Board
The look and design of these products clearly needs to reflect the audience of the film. I know that the main target audience for my products will be 12-25 year old science fiction followers.
Audience Profile
Favourite films:
Star Wars Saga, Star Trek, Transformers
Good with technology ( closely linked to the geek subculture)
General Information:
Fits mainly into the alternative section of UK subcultures
Up to date on social media such as facebook and twitter
Science Fiction
Types of
Horror Sci Fi
Fantascy Sci Fi
Popular Sci Fi
Superhero sci fi
classic black & white
Add a BRIEF outline of the band/film/game, including actors, location, instruments played, etc,
A BRIEF idea of sound/storyline
An outline of the purposes of the products
An outline of the target audience from Wanted poster with image
A bullet list of the products to be produced
Add your MOODBOARDS, filled with imagery to give competitors, look & feel, colour, & typestyles

For your FIRST concept: add in your sketches and/or digital mock-ups for each of the 3 products

These should give a clear idea of:
Objects/text that will be included, including taglines, and director, etc.
Placement and relative sizes of objects
How colours will work together
Bullet points of rationale of designs for purpose & audience (MERIT)

Section 1
OUTLINE of sound/storyline/actors/location(bullet points)
PURPOSES, target AUDIENCE and LIST OF PRODUCTS (bullet points)
Section 2
LOOK & FEEL(tone of voice) and KEY MESSAGES– bullet points
Section 3
Section 4
Concept 1
sketches & digital mock-ups of your 3 products
bullet points of RATIONALE how designed for purpose &audience
Concept 2
sketches & digital mock-ups of your 3 products
bullet points of RATIONALE how designed for purpose &audience
Concept 3
sketches & digital mock-ups of your 3 products
bullet points of RATIONALE how designed for purpose &audience

This audience seems to have quite a sizable population as similar films such as transformers have been very successful. However these film also appeal to a range of other groups. This is because this group is by no means mainstream and very small when compared to other groups such as Trendies. In addition, for the most part this group is male dominated.
Education: Members of this group do not have to be the most academic. However they will have great knowledge of pre-existing media.
Look and Feel
Key Messages
For this product concept I have used a similar layout to that used in the star wars packaging. However I have used a lighter and more neon like beam as the border.

This products colour scheme could be seen to add to the conventions of the popular sci fi genre. This is because the main colour used here is purple, however it is the colours blue and green that are most commonly associated with the genre. However I do not think that this will greatly influence audiences

I think that this design would appeal to the target audience for many reasons. Firstly

for this design I used a fisher effect to add to the title. i have observed these effects in the star trek films. Also it is a convention of sci fi film to have some kind of city of space-cape as a background
The look of these products should be serious and clear but also appeal to the basic desires of sci - fi watchers. This means that there should be alot of colors to tie in with an idealistic view of space and show many conventions of the genre. overall the products need to show a little fantasy but also show it as a serious movie.
desperateness of humanity
the fun and vastness of space
My task is to design and create three graphic products of a professional nature, in order to promote a new science fiction movie. The film will be called the guardians and will hit cinemas in 2014. This year is set to be particularly lucrative for the sci-fi genre as it is set to face competition from future films such as The Edge of tomorrow, the remake of RoboCop and Transformers 4: edge of extinction.
Future Competitors
the guardians are dangerous but also here to help
robots are human like
there is issues of trust
Concept #2
By identifying the target audience of a film, the film can become more identifiable with the audience. Doing this makes it more appealing too and so increases the audience who see the film. It is the people who the product is aimed at and who the product/ service is catered for. Thus, the product appeals to this audience to be successful.
Film trailer
The film trailer is one of the most important apsects of the film marketing campaign. It is where the linking of the texts becomes more apparent. It is important therefore that the trailer has the same target audience as the other aspects of the campaign. Depending on the type (sub genre, style etc) of the Sci fi film, the audience changes significantly. For example, Alien is a Sci fi, horror film and so horror fans would make up a large part of the audience. As mine is going to be a Sci fi with action aspects, I have looked at the audience these films generally target as those who are fans of these genres will make up the core of my audience.
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (U)


This shows the number of users (and their different demographics) who have rated the film, which thus gives a picture of the audiences who watched and what they thought. Males and females overall rated the film the same with a score of 6.5. The highest average ratings came from the females under 18 with a rating of 7.3, followed by the under 18 males with an average rating of 6.9. However, it is important to note that the sample size is rather small, with only 450 females under 18 voted compared to the 2187 of the males. In general, more males were involved in rating the film and as such suggests they made up the largest proportion of the audience. Furthermore, the 18-29 age group had the largest group who rated the film, which suggests that this age group were also a large proportion of the audience.
Total Recall (remake) (12a)


According to these ratings, females generally rated the film better on average with a score of 6.3, just one point above the males. Again, the under 18s generally rated the film higher than the other age groups. The number of raters in this age group is small however which was likely to have played a part in the average ratings. The largest age group who rated the film again were the 18-29 year olds, This further suggests that males aged 18-29 are the audience for Sci fi / action films.

Predator (18)


For Predator, the males overall rate the film higher than the females. This is true across all the different age ranges. Though we see once more that the under 18s rate the film highest, this is not the audience the film intended to target, as the age rating for the film is 18. Negating that, the 18-29 year olds along with the 30-44 year olds jointly rated the film with score of 7.9. As seen with the other films, males aged 18-29 made up the largest proportion of the audience.

Overall, I have found that Sci fi films (those with action elements at least) all target a very similar audience. Males aged 18-29 were the ones who rated the films in greater numbers, which suggest that they are also the largest audience the film serves. This is true even with films which have age ratings ranging from a U to an 18. With this evidence, I am confident that this is the correct market and target audience to attend to.
Film magazine front cover

Empire magazine is the best selling film magazine in the UK, with a readership of 835,000. The reader profile for this magazine therefore shows a good representation of the general target audience of film magazines.


This infographic shows that males are a significantly larger audience than females. Therefore, the material inside should have content more suited to males, such as pictures of women, male humour and other stereotypical male material. The average age of a reader of Empire magazine is 17, though it is also popular among those in their 20's too. Just under two thirds are in the ABC1 catergory, and so there are more 'higher class' readers which means that they in theory make more money. This can be reflected in the magazine, as they can mention products and talk about other aspects which may be expensive or perhaps more articulate.


Total Film magazine however had a readership of 85,000. Again we see the audience has a majority of males, which makes the statement that my work must target males specifically. There is a difference in the age of the readers however. Total Film magazine's readers have an average age of 26 - nearly 10 years older than that of Empire magazine. This displays the magazines desire to target a slightly different area of the market, rather than competing against Empire magazine directly.

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