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Apple: Target Market

Apple Ads

Emma Mann

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Apple: Target Market

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
A guide to its target market
What is apples target market?
Apple fights the computer and tablet war at many different frontiers. One of these frontiers is the target market. Apple is globally popular due to the fact that its products attract many different groups or 'demographics'. In the following presentation you will find out how apple markets its products.
The iPod
The iPod's main target marget are the teens and preteens. Largely due to the purpose or function of this product, entertainment. The iPod and all its ancestors utilise the gaming/apps capacity and the downloading of music. . Apple advertises the ipod by showcasing breaking soundtracks or new bands or launching addicting apps.
The iPhone serves a different age range than its relative the iPod. iPhone is designed for adults and families. iPhone also serves business people who utilise the phone apps and siri to help remind and organize/schedule different events. Families can capture special family moments with the iPhone's high-performance camera and memory capacity. The iPhone also serves as entertainment for young children and allows the parent to send tweets and images of them all around the world. The iPhone is marketed also for younger and older adults, with the ipods multiplicity of uses ; address listings, making phone-calls, photography, tweeting and educational purposes/use of the internet to name but a few!
The iPad belong to a group, mixed with some iPhone and iPod targets. Apple's main function for the iPad was basically a larger iPod. It serves to be useful in schools and in many business. The iPad is easy and provide a faster internet and more apps. The iPad typically attracts older adults, students, seniors and families with older students. This is due to the fact that a larger iPad allows people to surf the internet easily and and perform more efficiently. This is the key in ads, where apps are shown and the potential is clear.
The MacBook is a unique . Apple's main target marget are business people. Business'and employees use the MacBook because of high speed, easy interface, slim appearance and large memory compatibility. The MacBook is also useful in education with its amazing app and internet speed.
The Future holds...
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