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In your role as a middle leader, how would you raise standards at Balfour?

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Michaela Francis

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of In your role as a middle leader, how would you raise standards at Balfour?

Teaching and Learning
Data and Assessment
In Year 2
A Learning to Learn approach, and teaching the children about Growth and Fixed mindset
Including everyone in the Year Group vision
Trying new things!

In your role as a middle leader, how would you raise standards at Balfour?

Working as a team towards a whole school vision
Positivity, and leading by example
Clear communication
Acting as a link between teachers and support staff and the SLT
A parent link
Effective safeguarding
Ensure planning is engaging, stimulating and child led
Topic led whilst covering the curriculum
High expectations
Differentiation and challenge - self selection
Use of feedback in line with policy
Use of TAs
Supportive monitoring - discussion and learning walks
Reflection and adaption
Behaviour management in line with policy
Consistent assessment and moderation
Close monitoring of target groups -
Pupil Premium, SEN, Disadvantaged, Vulnerable, EAL and LAC
Analysis of data, identification of gaps
Targeting these gaps, and evaluating approaches
A whole school approach
Accurate, thorough and moderated.
Learning to Learn
Learning to Learn (the children's models, mindsets), JONK, our school values, learning dispositions and the MEE, CPD
Closing the Gap
Teaching in line with the calculation policy, focus on closing the attainment gap between girls and boys and target groups, stimulating environments.
A range of stimuli and philosophy, daily phonics teaching and guided reading, regular contextualised grammar teaching for GPS test, challenge and purpose to writing to encourage playfulness.
As a Year Leader
Successes I want to build on...
Analysis of data and gaps, Quality First Teaching and effective use of TAs, use of Structured Conversations for stuck children, interventions and challenge.
Whole school culture
and wellbeing
Use of UNCRC rights, values and learning dispositions, Learning to Learn, supportive team.
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