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L@B - Learning at Brookfield

An introduction to the new Year 7 programme for Learning to Learn

D Fawcett

on 13 June 2012

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Transcript of L@B - Learning at Brookfield

Learning at Brookfield - Year 7 L2L L@B 'learning to learn' is a process of discovery about learning. It involves a set of principles and skills which, if understood and used, help learners learn more effectively and so become learners for life. At its heart is the belief that learning is learnable.

- Personal attributes (most important!)
- Knowledge of learning and being a good learner
- Strategies & skills In a nutshell:
Showing them what a good learner looks like
Teaching them what they need to do to be a good learner
Reflecting on their journey to becoming a good learner

Reward good habits - Challenge bad habits WHY? Ofsted/HMI - Paul Ginnis
'I asked the HMI what he most looked for in a lesson. He said ‘independent learning’ is top of the list. There’s too much spoon-feeding’

21st Century Learners (be adaptive to an ever changing world)

Develop an ethos of learning. Make being a better learner achievable and aspirational.

Create a culture of learning from Yr 7 - Continuity from Junior School

Raise achievement in our learners by improving their learner characteristics

Model and reward good learning Does it work? Pilot year from other schools:

John Cabot - 92% A*-C. Behaviour improved. Students talk about learning

Cramlington LV - Ofsted Outstanding. Mid 80% A*-C. 1024 CVA.

Blakestone - Increased student engagement in school. Behaviour improved. Real learning. Growth Learner C. Dweck Mindset Theory 5 Growth Learner Qualities I am 'Responsible'
I am 'Determined'
I am 'Resourceful'
I am a good 'Thinker'
I am 'Reflective' E.g. I am 'Responsible' I make the right choices in my behaviour
I can take on responsibility
I can work well with others
I can work independently I am 'Responsible' I can work well with others Strategy: Teamwork Split Screen Teaching Content learning objective
Content learning objective
L@B learning objective Then in the lesson..... Create a success criteria with the class
Teach them how to reach the L@B outcome
Highlight good learning
Reflect Expectation:
Minimum of 3 lessons per teacher per dept
Collect resources to share with whole staff
Refer to your designated attribute L@B Support Monitoring

- No formal observations
- Resources from your dept
- Student feedback
- Specific Yr 7 L@B Assemblies
- L@B Organiser page Main Principle Roll Out:
Whole school focuses on 1 attribute at a time with Year 7's
Spend a half term on each attribute
2 departments fully champion that attribute
Rest of school makes reference to that attribute to support Reflect
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